Monday, August 3, 2009

another Lost

Last weekend, is a hectic weekend for me.
I am suppose to chill out and relax on this weekend as coming week which is this week, my new term starting.
I feel very exhausted though.
Last Saturday night , received a call and saying somebody that I use to be attached with when I am small was not in good condition. Old age sickness!
She used to take care of me when I am a lil girl.

I am hesitating between my 1st time acupuncture treatment for my jaw or going back to see her may be for the last time. However, I am glad that I went back and true enough its for the last time. 4 hours journey and reached there at late hours , 2.00am is worth it!

9.00am , I went to see her, she were lying on the bed ,paraliysed as if she in coma. I realise at that moment some part of her body, already dead. Her 2 feet and face were cold and her heart beat were very fast. She is waiting for God to take her soul.
Heart broken and sad to see this kind of condition. I just trying my best to remain calm although my heart crying hard!
Recite 'Yassin' and pray beside her and on and off I will touch her head and body and once in a while I will whisper to her ears to let her know I am beside her. I am so sad and hope she leave in peace.

Its hard for me to leave her in that condition. However, life must go on. The one need to leave need to leave in peace. The one still alive hopefully live in peace.

On the way back to KL around 5.30pm, received another called, God took her soul and today the burial service after afternoon prayer!

After 6 years suffer bedridden, she is gone now!
Her sons and daughters must be very relieved for her departure since their mother is always a burden to them. (Very sad to think about this!)

I pray for your soul and rest in peace with your love ones on the other side! Amen....

I am thankful to God to give me this chance to meet her for the last time.
Although, I feel extremely tired right now but I feel I am blessed to be given this chance as I don't get any last time.

Another lost this year and hope not another coming up....

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