Monday, August 31, 2009

I hate myself

Finally , my LD learning journal submitted.
I never been this late to do and submit my assignment.
My efficiency seriously drop tremendously.
Today's presentation seriously a flop!
I was very thirsty when I was presenting.
Fasting month make thing worst.
My mouth and throat was very dried just now.
I feel very feel ashamed of myself.
apart from that, I don't see any improvement in my presentation skills at all!
No confidence at all.
right after the presentation I wish I am an ostrich. So I can hide my head underground... uhuhuhuh..
I hate myself for that.
I am still trying to figure out on what had happened to me.

My schedule was very pack this week.
Individual IB assignment coming up to due date next week.
Then next group assignment the next week.
Same time, I need to study on the products knowledge.
This is extremely important.

I feel very tired....
I am uncertain towards my future.... is it really going to be good, bad or whatTTTTTTT????

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