Thursday, September 10, 2009

May God Bless me

This morning went to office as usual although I am sick.
I have been vomitting since last night.
Food poisoning , i guess!
I just ate one spring roll and my favorite peanut butter waffles.
I don't which one make me sick.
For sure I will blacklist these two snacks for month!

I am still stubborn not to break my fast until about 2.00pm.
I am feeling like almost dead since I have many interviews came in.
I need to put up my positive and sweet face to all these candidates.
Actually, I feel like going MC but I just can't do it.
As usual I will put myself into all this cadidates shoes.
Some of them may even took leave just to come for interview.
So , I rather suffer than bring trouble to others... hehehe God Bless my kindhearted!!!
Not so easy when I am controlling myself from vomitting.
I guess today I have been running up and down from my room to toilet around more than 10 times.

Reached home cook myself a porridge.
One hopeless and useless porridge. I give myself no star to cook porridge.
I ate few spoon then the rest gone to the drainage.
My porridge sucks, tonight!!!
I am still sick and sick!!!!

Since my deadline for myself is tonight for my Toyota case assignment, so tonight still need to be strong!!
May God Bless me!!!!
Be strong ...Gambatei!!!!! Cindyrinaaaaaaa!!!!

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