Thursday, September 3, 2009

Smart Girl

Although my mood swing are very bad today..
I still manage to put up my usual fake smile... drama!

Anyway, today recruitment day 3.
I have been talking and talking and talking bla bla bla selling the company and selling my 'BOSS' how good he is and bla bla bla ... ah! if I have choice, I will tell 'em the truth!

Thank God ! I am on menstrual so still can drink after talking so much!
Plus today everybody came and looking for me.
Everybody called in looking for me too..
I wish I could duplicate myself.
But I can't :(
Next week will be worst!
Got to Puasa and talk and talk the whole week frm 9.00am to 5pm.
I am seriously selling very hard here...

Today I bought 3 Sweet Dorothy Perkins top straight from London... hahahahahah (big laugh)
My very very 1st item from overseas and its London (yeah! what big thing about getting thing from London??? Nothing just feel happy hahahaha)
I don't mean to keep it for myself
My very 1st oversea item is a Teddy Bear from Harrods given by my ex Boss.
She now married to one of Negeri Sembilan Princess and convert to muslim (strategic marriage, I can say hahaha what a smart guy)

Smart girl always see opportunity.
I manage to sell one of the top thru ebay and get back my money use to buy 3 tops.
smart eh!!!!
imagine if I manage to sell back all 3????
ah! I am smart!!! make money some more hahahaha happy nyeeeeee....

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