Monday, October 26, 2009

Close but still far

Yes! I know Min Ho in Malaysia.
He was in Sg Wang and I am at Pavillion.
I may like his act as Jun Pyo in BBF.
I may adore him and like him but not that crazy to wait for him and see him from far.
I still can control myself.
My addicted is just I watched BBF for almost 40 times!
Yes! almost every night!
May consider buying the DVD rather than watch online or spoil my sis DVD ahahaha ...
She will kill me..

I categorise myself as mature fan!
The one that like you but wont cry over you.
The one will watch you over and over again but wont spend a dime on you.
The one who will obsess to see your photo then only off to bed but if I ever meet you one day.. I will not care to say hi or even show the interest!!!!

Thats all about my craziness on BBF.
I just hope they could come out with season 3 another 2 years!

Anyway , just Min Ho who came here not Jun Pyo.
The person that I really fall in love with , is not even exist.
He just a character and I can see him in different version.
Manga version
Taiwan version
Japanese version
Korean version whom I really madly deeply in love with...

He only exist in my dream in my fantasy but not in reality...

This is the confession of the mature fan :)
Saranghae ... Jun Pyo

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