Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feeling Sulky

Finish my Leadership exam just now!
One down one more to go!
This one need trillion effort and really really really need to buck up or I doom!

I am seriously cannot even look at all those people who cause me just a pass for group assignment. I feel like vomitting to see their faces just now!
I can't forgive them until now. Yes! my heart not that big to forgive such unforgivable wrong doings on me. We can avoid this thing and can at least earn a credit!
Its not I cannot handle pressure to do last minute job.
Well, I have done this many many times but that was work and due to not enough information or what so ever.
However, this one really can be avoided and do a well plan and structured.
If you guys and old woman follow my structure sent earlier , we may do as good as other team.

My hand was so tired just now, writing and writing . I need more practise so that I don't feel hurt during exam due to writing too much.

After exam I went straight home. I walked out with hope to get at least a Disticntion for this subject. I got it in my individual assignment and hope can accumulate everything and give me overall! Pray hard for this one!

I need to research on my International Business case studies ' Geely's Drive to Globalisation'.
Don't know what question to expect!
Cracking my head hard to do a summary and list down as many possible questions for this case studies. At least 70% marks come from the case study!
I need to do it well!

Same time , my online business ad stating tonight so cross my fingers and hope it take off like a magic carpet!!!!

I need a good sleep toonight!
Re charge for tomorrow study time!
My God gives me all the strength, I need!

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