Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Birthday Wish

Since my mood not so good this week and week after.
Let me entertain myself with sweet dream :)

My crazy wish for my 35th birthday :
1. Holiday on 12th Oct

2. Breakfast at dome near lot 10

3. Go shopping

4. Lunch at Japanese restaurant

5. Buy grocerries and donate to 3 orphanage homes

6. Visit lil france and enjoy coffee while wearing white dress. Romantic nyeeee

7. Dinner Steamboat and grill at lil korean restaurant

8. I want new canon camera

9. I want my KENZO Flower perfumes and ever after Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

10. I want dior lipstick

12. I want new speaker for my computer

13. I want IPhone

14. I want car mp3 player

15. I want buy new clothes from at least 5 boutiques at Pavillion

16. I want LV bag

18. I want DIOR watch

19. I want and i want and i want and i want....

list will continue until my last breathe mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I hope I could be go jun pyo super rich and realise my dreams... for time being just my sweet dream...

Gosh! got to drive up to Genting after 10 years never been there...
Why la why la....all because of one person just one person just one person.... what should I say.... the GOAT always trouble the TIGER.
This is the FACT!
God Bless me!

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