Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a life

I have a very bad migraine these days!
My head feel heavy and hurt.

I miss my favourite TV shows.
I miss to read newspaper every morning.
I miss my life I can play I can sit down and dream and can lie down on bed at some other time other than at 12.00 midnight.
I miss my old days!

My life right now seems to be full of too much serious thing!
It hurt me a lot!

Is this a sign I am getting older?

These days my life all about working and working and studying and studying.
Well for now... how about next year?
How my life gonna be?
No more study but just working?
Am I still going to be at the same place?
I hope not!

I need to plan for next year.
Next year is not far from now.
I can't find time to plan... thats my biggest problem now.

My place now in a mess.
Don't have time to do proper cleaning.

Gosh! so tired right now but still need to crack my head for my IB case studies!
Nak mati rasanya...
Maybe I will die due to overworked myself!
One day everything just malfunction and there I go to see the ONE!

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