Sunday, November 29, 2009

Assignments assignments assignments

Mum spoil me with loads of chocolates

Yesterday post show my determination to finish up my assignments.
Well... its a failed mission.
I was reading Monsanto case study yesterday then feeling tired.
Decided to lie down on the bed. It was 5.30pm.
I woke up when feeling hurt on my bladder.
Yup! seriously hurt.
Went to toilet and then thought of continue lying down on the bed.
See the clock and almost jump out the bed.
Aik!!! 2.00am?
Checked the clock at my dining then confirm at my phone clock then another watch.
Ahhhh!!!! I overslept myself...
Here goes my assignments..
End up continue sleeping until 6.45am.
Wake up ,clean myself get a coffee and continue my assignments.
Seiously , locked myself in and my meal until now just a guava, rambutan and chocolate and everything mum gave me to bring back home. Feeling hungry for proper meal right now! But it is late for dinner. I will wait for tomorrow to have proper meal.

Up to now , I finished 2 cases out of 4 cases to analyse for 3rd Dec due date.
Ahhhhhh!!! so angry with myself for overslept!
I know my body feel very tired but hey! I cannot afford to sleep.
I can't turn back time.

Late afternoon just now received one sms from my staff saying she need to take Emergency Leave due to her grandma past away.
Reported to Boss right away and as usual he required a report and daily update from her.
Ah! come on....people died people died people in grief people least have some mercy and compassionate...I am the one who feel hurt!

God! Almighty!
Can you answer me at this moment why do you create such cold hearted people in this earth???
Can I pour the hold water and make this man heart melt?

Well... I miss my Staturday night.
I am still doing my case study...
When can I complete this?
Hopefully by tomorrow night!

Tomorrow need to drag myself to work..

Thank you God for providing me job and to sustain me until now.

Thank you for the food! Thank you for the good health! Thank you for giving me a comfortable life. I love you God!

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