Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Enjoy this weekend while I can.
Next week will be my 1st interview to open Cosway Shop.
Right after will be my final term.
Then my days will full with study, assignments and assignments.
Here come another Raya... ahhhh another Raya? Why so many???

Halloween... since nobody invite me for Halloween Party so decided to entertain myself with some sushi and my favourite walnut brownies...mmm yummy...

Sunday decided to enter Maggie My way contest.... Milky Curry Mee...

Sushi King... and I am Sushi Princess

Sushi Princess

cheese shushi???

Cutie Cutie .... 2 + 2 = 4 ahahaahaha

My Brownies & Choc Fudge & me..

Ahhhh.... so delicious and sweeeeeettttt ...mmmmm

Cutie Cutie .... 2+2 = 4 yup!!! still 4

Maggie My Way

Sedap tak??? mmmm boleh laaaaaa... enough for my Sunday Brunch..

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