Monday, November 2, 2009

I want to be there

As I read today The Star newspaper , I feel upset.
Winter Wonderland and The Forbidden Palace in Beijing blanketed in white.
I wish I was there to feel the coldness and see the beautiful scene of all white.
Why Forbidden Palace?
I don't know why ever since I was 15 years old I feel belong there.
Maybe I am once a concubines or Sweet Princess or maybe I am an Empress or maybe sweet helper in that palace.
I just feel the connection.
Todays news and photo make my heart crying inside wanted to be there.
Maybe in last time I died due to freeze to death? Who knows!

Well enough about my dream to be in Beijing.
I read an email from my Mei Mei and she was so heart broken and demotivated.
Yes ! I understand her feeling very well.
I know this is coming...
I just hope she could be strong enough to face this evil creature!
I just pray for her to hold on and stay positive.
I just hope she could make use of her ability and her unique fighting energy and be on top of this evil creature. Dont let this creature destroy your positive mood dear!
I have faith on you and hope you have faith on yourself!
Be strong and be strong you the most amazing 21 yrs old I ever met.

My left arm getting hurt!
Yup! over do due to my latest craziness on my new dart game that I bought last weekend.
heheheh... yup! I am still crazy!
For people who know me well should be guessing who's face that I imagine when I am throwing that darts! ahahahah
Yeah! baby ... you got it right!!!!
Die die die kill kill kill brutal side of me leashing out and its unstoppable!!!!!

Let me get some ice cream and later study for my interview 8th Nov 2009....
Jia Yor Jia Yor

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