Monday, November 23, 2009

New Baby

When everybody is crazy on owning an apple Iphone, me too have same ambition.
But what stop me is the budget.
I can't afford RM2k for jz a phone.
However , my determination to realise my dreams is more than anything!
I received mine today!
China version Iphone called odyssey.
I can use 2 sim card.
Can watch TV, WIFI,Radio and many more function.
I believe functions is more than Apple Iphone.
How much it cost me? mmmmmm less than RM500.
I just need to get use of this new gadget of mine.
This is my 35th Birthday gift cum xmas gift cum New Year gift to myself.
Hope I can enjoy this new gadget of mine :)
I manage to download Wondergirl - Nobody for my ringtone ahahahaha happy nye...
Oh ya not forgetting my SCS & MRC assignments.... uhuhuhuhuh I need to get back to my reality now.... ah! can't wait for Feb 2010 then...

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