Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I am so Octopus...
My patient level is over my head...
Feeling like exploding ... well of course not orgasm explode but seriously feeling like my head is exploding.
I feel like couldn't take it anymore.
Rina this Rina that and at this age I am still like this.
I feel so a looser right now!
When is it everything going to be under my control?
When is the time I can manage all this thing well?
Am I having a problems handling critical issues or I am just not strong enough?
I hope I can manage myself well this time, I mean maintain my composure and bleed inside... mm not period bleeding but heartsick bleeding!
God! give me some strength to manage all this dark forces around me.
Please help me to get rid of this bad thing.
Crying inside and here goes my migraine getting back to me...
This is what happen if I am keeping up my anger to myself.
Suffer and my head is getting heavy and heavy...
Time for Dart Board!
Imagine the Dart Board is his face and kill kill kill die die my anger.... poke u poke u... :)
I am full of anger right now... If you love to watch cartoon you could imagine how I like right now! ehehehe

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