Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yes I am back

Mum bought me Teddy! yipeeee...
Friday morning woke up as early as 3am and start my journey around 4am.
It was dark! duh! early morning!
Many cars thought...
Since my eye sight not so good with driving in the dark, along the way at highway I kept seeing the flying lorries above me.
Well I can't really see the fly over above me so everytime one big lorry pass by on the flyover it will look like as if the lorry is flying above me. Woooo my hair standing and feel spooky everytime its happen.

I was so hungry since my journey started very early.
Tried to find food at every R&R was seriously a disappointment.
Yup! end up reach Taiping around 7am with my gastric.... ouchhhh!!!

I head straight to kitchen when reached home that day!
Yeah! my mum chicken rendang and fried rice...

Then I cook Laksa Sarawak for everybody... well very tiring.
Not that nice anyway ehehehe well my so called once a year cooking... what to do I am one busy woman.
With only 2-3 hours sleep before seriously make me almost dead that day.

But hey since I need to go back KL the next day I did not sleep at all during that day. Only go to sleep around 11.35pm that night after long chat with mum.

Yeah Mum..
I feel betrayed and you bribe me with teddy.
you are forgiven for time being...:)
My new teddy my new teddy...

Son in law or monthly allowance from me?
Choose only one...
Yes! I am cruel in this sense but hey stop nagging me..
I didn't trouble any of you..
I am independent I don't need a man to survive...
Stop it mum or you dont get any of the choices anymore..
and even loose me...
Yes! I am capable in doing so..

Since going back KL the next day so I thought its not so polite to doz off and not mingling around with my mum and dad.
And of course before that helping mum cleaning up in the kitchen because her grandchildren is seriously the spoil brat. Well if they are my children I will spank them one by one and hang them on the moving ceiling fan ehehehehe child abuser in the making !
Yup! they are that type who eat and leave everything to the so called maid in the house.
I am so angry but yeah I manage to control my temper ahahaha I improve a lot!
Tried my best to control my best to confront anybody that day just to ensure everybody have peaceful raya.
Yup! I suck up and swallow all my angers to myself... well end up it goes down to my waist again!

This morning woke up around 7am shower and cook my blackpepper fried meehoon for everybody. Well thumbs up from everyone in the house... mmmm not bad!!! ehehehe

I started my journey around 9.35am and reach back KL around 12.45 noon.

OK now back to reality and hiding myself in the house until tomorrow for my assignments.... ah!!! another torturing moment for me a so called 'The Princess' ?

Don't you think I am one pathetic Princess????
or I am one overworked Princess?

Happy holiday everyone.....

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