Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec 2009 - Weekend 1

Month of Dec 2009 , as mentioned in my previous entry, month of the deadlines and I almost dead here. Friday night been sitting in front of computer doing my MRC assignment.
Saturday morning until late afternoon been sitting in front of the computer still working on my MRC assignments.
Ahhhh! when can I complete this????
Went for my jaw accupuncture treatment in the evening and went for dinner at Cheras Sakae Sushi.
Thought of going for Ninja Assasin but not in the mood!
Sunday still spending time for my MRC assignments.
Ah! this is the worst assignment ever.
Take almost 2 weeks to finish this one.

SCS group assignments , presentation for coming class this week.
No news from any of my group member.
Scary though!
What happen to all of them or am I the only one so nervous!
I have no choice to take innitiative again.
I send out email to all of them for my topic suggesttion coca cola - recycle bottles!
hope to receive feedback by tomorrow from all of them.

Sunday brunch is BBQ Chicken!
mmmm... ok la not that bad but the price ... I rather eat sushi... :)

BBQ Chicken set - but end up getting fried chicken

Corn soup

not smelly but gimmick je ehehehe

Stress on my assignments and endless deadlines!

Deadlines!!! deadlines!!!! I almost dead!!!

Xmas Deco at Cheras Leisure Mall

Wishing tree for the unfortunate children.
I manage to read some of the wish some of them ' I want Nike Sport Shoes' or MP4 player or Camera or Silver Gold Chain or PS3 and many many more... what can i say all of them sound very fortunate rather than unfortunate to have such dreams...
I work hard to get my very 1st MP3 player.
I dont even have enough fund to replace my spoil Olympus camera.
I dont own any Nike Shoes...

Gingerbread man stalls

Gingerbread village

me again with my stereotype pose... ehehehe
Here goes my 1st weekend on Dec 2009.
Next week will be in class and nervously doing presentation.... ahhhhhhhh

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