Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cam Whore week

Done with my SCS group assignment - portion.
Thought of continue with my individual SCS assignment.
I am too tired.
My health condition really getting worst.
Very heaty.
Cough and my voice totally out.
Dare not talk in public!
Whole day in front of computer squeezing my brain juice out totally need a compensation.
A friend asked me out for a dinner!
Well here the story goes.....

Cam Whore - episode 1

Cam Whore - episode 2

Cam Whore - episode 3... its not the end... more and more

garlic soya sauce?

SE Energy tumbler

The damage for my sumptious dinner at Pepper Lunch , Pavillion

Cam Whore - Episode 4

Beef Pepper Rice on hot plate

After the mixing... well like the fried rice le... with lots of pepper... kind of nice though due to its simplicity taste!

Cam Whore - Episode 5

Wholemeal Siew Pau & Custard Pau... very soft... delicious to eat it hot.. RM1 each @ Pak Hailam Kopitiam @ Sg Wang Lower Ground -wish could eat more

Too ful to try their Chicken Rice but look good

Cam Whore - episode 6

Chicken Glutionuos Rice at Pak Hailam Kopitiam - very soft but without the egg yolk... I love the one with salty egg yolk.

Guess what is this???

Cam Whore - Episode 7

Last but not least Gualinko to reduce heatiness in my body...
Hope could recover soon....
2 more assignments to go..... aishhhhhh!!!!!

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