Friday, January 22, 2010


Last night still the same.
Can't sleep.
Neck still hurt.
Headache and vomitting... people may think I am pregnant.. well impossible coz I am single.
Swallowed 2 tablets of painkiller and another tablet that suppose to make me drowsy.
No effect!

Today, I mean this morning was at Plaza Sentral for an appointment.
Ah! the position is Finance Manager.
Me ? Finance again??? huh!
My destiny I guess?
I am running out from Finance but Finance keep coming again and again... look like I have no choice.. need to keep updated in all the Accounting Standards and compliance thingy!
Ah!!! hate it!
As usual although still weak , I still manage to show my positive face and start selling myself.
Bla bla bla bla bla.... I can do this I can do that... the company should do this and do that... well I am asking at this price and not negotiable... I am taking the risk and the company taking the risk well win win situation... I am the talent you need and di dididid daaddaa... me the Queen of Babbling or whatever they call it. I am just trying to survive.
I think my performance deserve an AWARDS!!!! hahahaha as usual I am a Drama Queen.
I should give myself a big pat to my shoulder... no matter I get or not getting anything from this appointment.

A friend brought me for lunch at Jln Bellamy for Grilled Fish!
Enjoy the lunch and hope dont throw up again.
Still headache... and feel a bit shaky and weak...
My friend worried I can't drive back home.... dont worry... I am a SUPERWOMAN!!!
I will survive no matter in what condition!
Cindyrina Jia Yor Jia Yor...

I dont straight home... I want to make myself happy...and get my positive mood back!
Ah! why not pay a visit to the predicurist at PGRM tower.
That lady did a good job for me last time...
That car blocking me from turning to my desitnation...
Damn!!! you ruined my plan!!!!
Well since I am that type that hate to turn back... so I just move a head for my back up plan.
Cheras Leisure Mall here I come...
Enjoy my predicure so much!!!
Met a TV actress... donno what her name but she looks familiar...
Since I am the only one Malay people keep mistaken me as Chinese Lady too and keep talking in mandarin... wor pu chi tao wor pu chi tao....ahahahaha

Back home do some final readings....
Then exercise and make myself sweat...yeah yeah so long never sweat..I hate sweating though!!!
But hey my tummy getting bigger and bigger... I need to fit into my old baju .... and get back my figure.... MBA really did a lot of damage to my body...

After exercise... feel headache... yeah throw up again... feel like fainting... no... i need to survive... i keep telling myself that!!!

Take warm shower... drink milk... and eat almond... yeah yeah... I need to watch out my diet...

I will sleep early tonight... Dont know what to expect for tomorrow... so... no point thinking and worry anymore... I just need to face it as usual... YES!!!! Just need to face it and do it!! Give my best shot!!! Whatever result comes out .... i will accept it with open heart!!!!

Yes !!!! Cindyrina is back and I know I am always a tough girl to survive in this world alone!!!!

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