Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mix feeling

These few days , I have a mix feeling.
I don't know whether I should feel happy or feel upset.
Let me begin with the suppose to feel happy.
I make my dream comes true when I launched my on 16th Jan 2010.
My online store brings OEM stylish gadget from Chinese manufacturer. Most of this items from Samsung, Nokia technology.
1st week launched my sales reached almost USD1k beat my record in ebay which is USD750 for one month.
I feel so blessed and after MBA plan to concentrate on creating online advertorial for Malaysian web surfer and allocate some funds for facebook and google adwords advertising.
So far most client from international country like Russia,UK,US,Spain and also middle east.
I see the oppotunity and hope business grow and I will continue strategise.

Sad news is my health not so good.
My workload at work place killing me.
I am very upset with my Boss.
Maybe my personality who unable to relax and take thing too seriously make me at nervous all the time and affect my health.
I can't sleep at night.
On Tues night I can't sleep at all.
The next morning went to work with headache and stiff neck make me vomit.
I still survive at work throughout Wed.
Thing get worst in the evening.
Trying to study for SCS this Sat exam at night.
Just too exhausted.
Lie down tried to sleep but my leg keep cramping.
So so painful.
My head feel like wanna bang to the wall.
I feel mad.
Just keep on crying the whole night.
I don't know how many painkiller went into my throat that night.
The next morning on MC this body feel dont want to move from my bed.
Just lie there until almost 12 noon.
I regain my strength and pay a visit to clinic.
Have a blood test - doc confirm my body lack of calcium that why my leg keep cramping.
My nerv system is shrinking.
My head-painkiller again.
Got myself an energy booster coz I told doc I need to sit for exam this sat.
So ... if you at my place how should you feel?
Happy or Upset???

Seriously I don't know how should I feel?

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with headhunter.
Hope this time round work and seriously I dont want to be choosy anymore.
I hope to get out from that place start new life.
My business my career and save as much cash possible and retire another 5 years and just let my cash work for me.
I dont want a luxury life but just comfortable life is enough for me.
I just want to continue my life doing charitable work and help people.

Today, I will start thinking and strategise for my exam this Sat.
I will build up my confident for this Sat and will give my BEST SHOT!!!!!!

Gambatei!!!!! Cindyrina jia yor jia yor.....

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