Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just another weekend

What did I said on my MBA results celebration?
Well... nothing much that I bought a 32" Panasonic LCD TV, lace bras and few tops.
How much is the damage?
Don't ask me or I cry to think about it...

Interesting weekend though...learned new things like how to where bra in correct way then learn how to brush teeth in right way.
Yes! I know... this is common thing but seriously I have been doing it in the wrong way all the time.

I spent almost RM250 to repair my teeth and so on.

I watched Book of Eli on Friday....
Love the movie.
If to think about it quite scary since the movie about end of the world. Yes! Our earth recycle and so does the species in it!
Well .. to think about the doom day! are you prepare to face it?
Am I going to be there?
To think about the death is enough to make me scare.
I am not ready to face my death!
When can I be ready?
I don't know....
Are you ready?
Enough about this sad and scary talk... :)

My weekend is not complete without any cam whore ... haha..
Here we go....

Brunch at Hakkakaya Kopitiam @ OneU

Getting ready to dig in

Nasi Lemak Rendang Minang

Pasar Road Koay Teow

Tea time - Okonomiyaki Seafood & Unagi

Great weekend and hope everyday in my life is worth it to live for.....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am a Graduate finally

I received my final result last Tuesday!

One BIG hug to myself!!! I am finally MBA Graduate!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahaha

I am so proud of myself. This is my biggest achievement after almost 16 years working like mad woman saving blood,tears and sweat money to pay for my tertiary education. Hug myself again....

As usual office job is very hectic.Many deadlines! Extremely... high expectation from my perfectionist and flawless Boss. Whom may still thinking he is Almighty! Myself working my butt out to meet the demand. I know I should may just ignore the perfect and flawless requirement but I just can't! Why I need to torture myself? because I feel irresponsible if I don't meet the demand although its sounds ridiculous! I can't explain but it is one type of ego in me and my Boss happens to know this is my weakness and he just love to torture me mentally! Ah! feel like a mad woman..

I am now busy taking care on my face heeling process. So far so good.. but my right cheek big dot is the most stubborn one!

My 2010, started with repairing my left jaw. No! nobody hit me on my face but my jaw disc dislocate due to stress.. how did this happen? I just don't know! no clue..

Next... will be major dental care maintenance and then follow with my body and healthcare overall. I need to achieve my idle weight again... MUST!!!

Well too much damage to myself these few years to fullfill my dreams... it is not easy to survive alone and have to depend on yourself since right after school.

I am glad and thankful to be where I am now! All the hard work, sort off give me this result good and bad.

What is next for me? Looking forward for better and challenging job and my online store more success. So far so good since it launched few month back! Glad to be able to start this.

Tomorrow.. I am going to shopping for my hard work!!!

This year will be about travelling and earning more money for my old days!!!!

I want to live my golden years in style... may sitting by the carribean beach or shopping in Paris or even visit historical place in all over the world.

Happy weekend!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY - Part 2

Last Friday, got an interview at KL.
The headhunter gave me wrong address.
They emailed me to go to Menara Maxis.
Well, I have not been to KLCC for almost 7 years.
The interview suppose to be scheduled at 11.00am.
I reached KLCC around 10.00am.
Parked my car , wrote down the place I parked and also took photo of the parking lot.
(Yeah! I always forgot where I parked)
Asked the information counter on how to go to menara maxis.
Manage to find the way.
I went to ladies to get myself tidy up! ehehehe must look good especially with my black dot on my cheek! ehehehe i went to remove my pigmentation the day before so the scar still in healing process.
I went up to the 36th floor as requested.
Aikkkks! the girl were saying I am at the wrong place.
Apparently they have 2 offices and the interview suppose to be at Menara Citibank!
Gosssshhhhh!!!! now 10.40am.
How to go to Menara Citibank?
Panic attack!!!!
Keep breathing! keep breathing!
I am more afraid to be late rather than thinking on how to get there.
Damn! after few round in and out using my touch n go car round and round in KLCC itself, finally manage to find way to Jalan Ampang!
Ah!!!! I should reach KLCC at 9.00am instead of 10.00 then will give me more time to rectify this mistake.
Manage to find Menara Citibank although I parked my car at Nikko Hotel. I guess they are sharing.
Met the CEO, Myanmar guy. Not bad looking. Quite young and I guess mid 40s.
I was told he is an Engineer based and more analytical thinking.
So, the whole interview went very dull and quiete.
Most of the time he paused and thinking what to ask me I guess!
Ah! boring seriously.
Asked nothing on what I can do and I end up asking him a lot on the function and details on company that cant be found from the web.
Most of the questions are on my cooking skills (well! what can I say since my MBA started I stop cooking and my skills getting bad! But just say I am good at any stir fried cooking mostly chinese and thai style hey! I used to good in these kind of cooking except for baking!)

He asked on my background and hobbies.
Ah! hobbies... I wish I dont open my mouth too soon.
Regret it so much but hey I need quick answer.
Now I realise I dont really have any other hobbies apart from surfing the net.
Well my hobbies to him is jungle trekking!!! jungle trekking????
Me? I thought I am suppose to live my life like Princess!!!
How can a Princess go jungle trekking??? Princess suppose to go shopping!!!!
uhuhuhuhuh.. I wish I could turn back time!!!!
If I get this job I am done!!!!!

Well back home by 1.30pm... yeah! its Friday traffic was so bad and I am busy around u thant and ampang hilir trying to find short cut to avoid jam. Manage to escape!!!
Skills still not bad!
Friend asked me out for lunch but have to turn down due to my face not suppose to be under sun or thing got worse!!!
Princess is in process to be a butterfly!!!!

Saturday... was sick and busy processing my online store orders.
Not bad making money while on holiday!
But due to busy I end up having hamburger and junk food for lunch and dinner.
Eat all the junk again!!!!
Do some exercise in the afternoon!

Sunday thought of cooking my lunch but my pepper mushroom meehon down to rubbish bin due to too salty.
Ah!!!! what happen to me?
I am suppose to be good at all this???
Very upset with myself... end having salad for lunch dinner.

Tomorrow working!!!!!!
God Bless! and thank you for still giving me job to earn for living!
God have been very generous to me!
Thank you!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Holiday - Part 1

I am on one week off this week.
Well I always see thing in bad and good side :)

Saturday.... loafing around house and tried to do some cleaning.
I always failed on the cleaning part ehehehe..

Sunday morning woke up as early as 3.00am to start my journey north...
I was at north until Tuesday.
nothing much to report on my holiday there... accept for spending most of my time in sauna (OMG! damn hot weather) , watch korean series - a marathon I can say.. spending most of the time staring at the laptop rather than mingle with families... well thats my usual me.. anti social in every way. Oh ya! not forgetting eat and eat and eat and more eating.

Back to KL on Wednesday and called a friend for Percy Jackson - The lightning thief.
I am quite disappointed with the movie though!
Everything is expected!
The actor and actress are not really good... well can be a 2 star Walt Disney movie I can say!

Thursday morning.... my skin is very sensitive and my big patch pigmentation on my cheek can't be under direct sun.
Received a call from the head hunter for another interview tomorrow morning.
As much as I want to attend the interview... but the big patch on my cheek will scare them away :(
I am seriously donno what to do now!
Pray hard to GOD to let the job be mine so that I can move on and get out from the person who always think I am a looser and incapable!

Cindyrina GAMBATEI!!!!!

PS. My angpow is very thin this year... can't open until 15th... best part I donno when is 15th ahahaha should I open or should I not open it?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Courage of a woman

This whole week is like a mess with tonnes of workload.
And of course that pikacu giving me a hard time and of course pressing me down whenever he can. Of course again I still put up my shield with me whenever he start talking to me. Yes! that defensive attitude and put the huge barrier until he will give up! He almost give up .... I am not far from making him feel hopeless to talk to me.. my dad meh??? you my mum??? you my what ?? my who?? you are nobody in my life...
I try to maintain my positive mood and hope does not effect my health.
Damage been done!

Fever, sore throat and so on and on... so uncomfortable!

This morning I woke up with high fever, sore throat and flue!
I almost can't get out from house for my car servicing... but as usual I am wondergirl!
I manage to force myself!
Thank God! the place not so far away from my home.

While waiting, I manage to chat with this lady.
She is Malay woman.. look quite young and I guess she is almost my age.
I found out she is a single mum of 2 teenage daughters for almost 6 years.
(Yeah yeah I have none)
Her story is very interesting.
I quite admire her for her courage and strong heart!
Imagine this her husband suffer leukemia for almost 1 year and pass away.
She even told me the experience taking care of the leukemia victim.
Sound horrifying and sad.
She never work before. Got married right after SPM.
1st daughter was 13 years old when her husband pass away.
She dont even know how to drive.
Although its very sad and a bit afraid to ask further I still asked her this question.
Yes! as usual out of curiosity and stubborn me :)
I asked her, how did she manage to move on.
She told me she was very sad and almost feel liked of the end of the world.
Her 1st daughter was very distraught since the father past away since she was attached to him while he is alive. Her girl almost went crazy and up to extend need to seek for doctor help.

She just put up her brave face to move on for sake of her daughters.
Since she is only a housewife , she dpends on husband pension which is almost RM300 per months since husband x worker at UKM. She realise its not enough!
She started taking kids from working parents around her neighbourhood.
From there she start earning for her household living.
She learn how to drive and manage to drive her husband 10 years old proton saga.
She now an independent single mother.
She manage to send her daughters to university.
Her family meaning her sisters support her morally to keep her motivated to continue her life as a single mother.

We manage to exchange contact before she go off since her car is the 1st car and mine is 2nd.

Then I continue talking to one Malay uncle and that uncle start talking about car to me on and on and on and on... boooooorrringgggg and I feel more sick suddenly and thank god its not for long when the lady came and said my car is ready... bye bye..ahahaha

Then I headed to clinic and get myself diagnosed.
Brought back antibiotics and another few packets of tablets to swallow down.

Then went to nearby hypermarket and thought want to boiled chicken feet soup.
Bought myself one pack of chicken feet , celery and cauliflower.
Well when reached home I start cutting the chicken feet.
Well I feel so disgusting and feel horrified to see those feet and keep imagine how the chickens died and how they feel when got slaugthered and how the feet rolled when they feel the pain before they died!
Unbearable!!!!! i can't help it! I cannot stand any longer!
I dont think I can cook this and I dont think I can eat this....

I throw away all the chicken feet and cook myself a pack of maggie mee with cauliflower and celery added. Here goes my lunch!!!!

Read newspaper and online and online as I am now starting my SEO course online.
Yeah! more investment for more knowledge.
I think this course is good for my online business.
Later in the evening I will start my spring cleaning... ah!!! i am so lazy!
Whats for dinner tonight???
Maybe... well.. I have 3 choices.
1st eat all the junk food in the cupboard or
2nd cook meatball spagetti or
3rd just eat almond and drink milk..
Depend on my mood at that time.... because currently I have a nose block and itchy throat!