Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Holiday - Part 1

I am on one week off this week.
Well I always see thing in bad and good side :)

Saturday.... loafing around house and tried to do some cleaning.
I always failed on the cleaning part ehehehe..

Sunday morning woke up as early as 3.00am to start my journey north...
I was at north until Tuesday.
nothing much to report on my holiday there... accept for spending most of my time in sauna (OMG! damn hot weather) , watch korean series - a marathon I can say.. spending most of the time staring at the laptop rather than mingle with families... well thats my usual me.. anti social in every way. Oh ya! not forgetting eat and eat and eat and more eating.

Back to KL on Wednesday and called a friend for Percy Jackson - The lightning thief.
I am quite disappointed with the movie though!
Everything is expected!
The actor and actress are not really good... well can be a 2 star Walt Disney movie I can say!

Thursday morning.... my skin is very sensitive and my big patch pigmentation on my cheek can't be under direct sun.
Received a call from the head hunter for another interview tomorrow morning.
As much as I want to attend the interview... but the big patch on my cheek will scare them away :(
I am seriously donno what to do now!
Pray hard to GOD to let the job be mine so that I can move on and get out from the person who always think I am a looser and incapable!

Cindyrina GAMBATEI!!!!!

PS. My angpow is very thin this year... can't open until 15th... best part I donno when is 15th ahahaha should I open or should I not open it?

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