Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just another weekend

What did I said on my MBA results celebration?
Well... nothing much that I bought a 32" Panasonic LCD TV, lace bras and few tops.
How much is the damage?
Don't ask me or I cry to think about it...

Interesting weekend though...learned new things like how to where bra in correct way then learn how to brush teeth in right way.
Yes! I know... this is common thing but seriously I have been doing it in the wrong way all the time.

I spent almost RM250 to repair my teeth and so on.

I watched Book of Eli on Friday....
Love the movie.
If to think about it quite scary since the movie about end of the world. Yes! Our earth recycle and so does the species in it!
Well .. to think about the doom day! are you prepare to face it?
Am I going to be there?
To think about the death is enough to make me scare.
I am not ready to face my death!
When can I be ready?
I don't know....
Are you ready?
Enough about this sad and scary talk... :)

My weekend is not complete without any cam whore ... haha..
Here we go....

Brunch at Hakkakaya Kopitiam @ OneU

Getting ready to dig in

Nasi Lemak Rendang Minang

Pasar Road Koay Teow

Tea time - Okonomiyaki Seafood & Unagi

Great weekend and hope everyday in my life is worth it to live for.....

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