Sunday, April 18, 2010

According to plan

I watched 'While you were sleeping' by Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman.
In this movie Lucy (Sandra Bullock) were saying she has a lonely life.
All she has is her job, an apartment and a cat name Mel to look forward in her entire life.
She misses a family life.
She desprately need a man to love her.
She fall in love with the other brother and end up married to another brother.

Do you remember this saying?
'Not all will according to your plan!'
This saying is proven right.
God encourage us to make plan in our life but every man and woman and even animal or any other living creatures have their own fate and destiny.
Whatever we do believe in ourself and have faith to God and our each individual destiny.
Never stop working and striving for life and at the same time don't forget the unfortunate and be good to everyone and everything around you.

Anyway, we need to move with our life as usual or at least trying the best to work towards our plan no matter on whether it will turn out to be plan work out well or not well... just move on ok!

Whats for dinner tonight?
I end up eating sandwiches. Yes! not pizza.
I feel too much for me to order pizza and bloated myself with the whole pizza alone.
I am quite happy with my culinary skills this week.
My sandwiches end up quite creative one and never thought of it before.
I planned for sardines sandwiches but end up with white egg with onions sandwiches.
Verdict? fabulous delicious!!!!

Why not sardines ? ahahahah I don't know how to use the can opener. So can't open the can.
Guess what I have 2 can opener. One with batteries and one semi traditional one. But none of these is useful to me. Why? My technical skills is seriously damn low!
Not according to plan case again. Sardine sandwich turn into egg sandwich.

Did exercise the whole afternoon.
Good I sweat at last!
Feel healthy ehehehe hope to continue this healthy routine.

Did some cleaning job here and there then processing some of yesterday orders for my online store. Did some reading in world business outlook.

OK! for tonight thought of going down to my memory lane with Goo Jun Pyo!
Ahahaha Boy over flowers!!!! Lee Min Hoooooo!!!!!

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