Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling sad

I tried my best to put on my cheerful aand positive face today.
It works just that I am a lil bit unusual because I dont eat.
I didn't join them for lunch and I just feel uncomfortable with myself.
Maybe my worries since he still stuck there in Paris, more or less affected my emotion.

I drive as fast as I could to reach home soonest possible forgot about dinner and just straight to my computer and get online and start searching for the latest available flight back here.
Finally manage to book ticket for them to fly out this Sat.
Cost for the stay is indeed sky high for them.
Well, this is what you call unfortunate event.
However, not that unfortunate since they a still fine, right?
Did I feel happy right after manage to book for him?
mmmm no!!! I still feel sad!

I guess my sad and uncomfortable feeling is more towards myself.
There are something incomplete matter within myself this week.
I still can't find the answer.

I will do a serious thought later on and try to do some meditation to find my lost soul or just sleep ehehehe!
Still can laugh when feeling sad!!! yes! this is what you call insane!!!
Feeling sad and still trying to find the reason seriously I am not well emotionally.
Good night!!!!

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