Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moving forward

I have been working late these days since I tendered.
Yeah !!! finally...hope to move forward and build up my own future.
Deep down ... heart broken and sad to leave but hey... its been 3 years and I did not see any progress.
When I am busy building the team he keep ruining... I feel tired.
When people trying to move forward he keep pulling people back... I feel tired too.
I need put a full stop here and move on to the next station.
Maybe I can meet someone better recognise my talent and appreciate me better.

I am moving forward from now on....

Finally manage to closed my Accounts for year 2009 after a pain to my mouth keep asking my boss for his final figure. Ah! so tiring... but finally its over!
Busy doing my handover and trying my best to be as details as possible.
Yeah! me being me try to be perfect as possible since my belief is 'come in with good intention and get out for a good cause!'

Reached home late just now.
Feel like pampering and treat myself with good predicure moment!
Yeah! I enjoyed it so much.
I was reading Shape magazine when getting my predicure and I read this article on popcorn is good for anti oxidant.
I am very ambitious when drop by GSC and get myself one regular fully caramel popcorn.
Digging popcorn while driving and singing happily to Adam Lambert song.
I don't know this can be quite challenging to me.
My mouth is so tired munching and singing.
I think I hurt my jaw!
... and the caramel so thick and sweet. Yeah! admit love the caramel but hey this is obviously bad for health. Ah! I should get the light one then only serve the purpose not the caramel.

I also have this crazy ideas like joining a Boot Camp!
But a lil bit taken a back since my knee is not that strong for all the tough act I need to do.

Let me think carefully what I need to do to maintain healthy apart from just eat healthy!

Moving forward for new life style and new life environment...

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