Saturday, April 24, 2010

My peaceful Saturday

My Saturday is full of activities .
I woke up as early as 7am for morning exercise for 1 hour then off for dentist appointment.
A follow up treatment turn out to be a root canal treatment.

Oh My God! I have to keep my mouth open for almost 2 hours.
Seriously hurt my jaw though!
Anyway, since I only 2 choices either extract my last tooth or do a root canal treatment.
Of course! I don't want to loose my tooth.
Weird! the dentist said it was very rare because she need to give me at least 3 shots for me to get the numbness. Yeay! how hell I know I was imune to the shot!
The treatment took over almost two and half hours. I went back home with RM700 bill and 6 tablets of ponstant!
I was so hungry since I have not eaten anything since morning.

I went home and grab some groceries at nearby hypermarket then straight back home.
Do some cleaning up and then have a good lunch at around 4pm.
Yes! right after the numbness gone due to the dental treatment.

I watched Korean movie 'Seducing Mr Perfect' . I am now officially deep in love with Danniel Henney. I love this feeling although I am cheating myself. ahahahaha siaow!!!

Then cook special dinner for myself.
Quail with Asparagus and hot honey lime.
Good one! Ah! proud of myself because my culinary skills is back!!!!!!
There will be more exploration and experiment coming up in new recepies!!!

Thought of spending my left over Saturday night with arranging my year 2009 receipts and do up my accounts for my Tax submission on June 2010.
If I feel want to work then this will happen but if my lazy attitude coming up..... too bad I will be a 'couch tomato' - i know i know its not counch tomato ehehehe this is my term okay!!!!
then I will end up watching Japanese series 'My Sassy Girl'. Anyway, its all depends because I have many important thing to do rather then just be a 'couch tomato'.

So happy Saturday night to the whole wide world!!!!
He is flying back from Paris now!!!!!!!!! Yeay!!!
Hope to see him next weekend!!

While I was typing this entry, Paris Hilton came up on TV and I love what she said, ' although you have a bad day you just need to put you head on!!!! face the world and be positive!' She is right in a way though!

Ok my favourite shows 'Fringe' coming up soon.
Later folks!!!

Honey Lime

I cook this Asparagus Quail
Not bad!

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