Sunday, April 18, 2010

Princess in every girl

Just receive another sms from my friend in London, his flight delay again due Iceland Volcano ash cloud. I read in news MAS and Air Asia grounded flight in and from Europe. My friend is taking Air Asia and according to news subject to UK airspace which currently still remain closed. Hope he is fine. Thank God! he went with his Boss so welfare taken care off for the extension stay.

Yesterday, I was watching 'A Little Princess'. I am not so ambitious in learning anything from this series apart from just trying to entertain myself since I am very boring to death on Saturday. Nevertherless, I did learned something from this movie which is I never expected. Maybe I underestimate the movie.

What I learned ?
1. Every girl is a princess. Ah! for normal people maybe will think this is craps! But for me I take this seriously. Thinking deeply to this statement... Yes! every girl is a princess. Most girls love to be treated well and most girls love to look pretty. Most girls love pretty things.
Don't you think all of girls are princesses???

2. Treat people around you as equal as possible and always treat them nice. Why ?
I always have this thoughts, life is like a on a wheel. One time we are at the top and we will reach at bottom too. So its full with up and down and even like 'YOYO'. So, if you are blessed and have good life don't forget those are unfortunate. If you are unfortunate don't give up and just keep on moving forward and strive to be on top.

Therefore, for all girls always believe we are the princesses. Princess with big heart to help people around and always positive and move forward.

Last night, actually this morning eheheh went to bed at 1.30am, I was thinking on whether I can wake up alive or am I going to be dead. This thought has come again and again in my head.
Am I prepared to be dead?
At first, I feel afraid to go to sleep because of this.
Then I try my best to plant to my head, I am a good princess nothing to be afraid with and just go to sleep. I seek for another chance to proof myself a good princess.
Result? I overslept until 1.00pm ehehehehe totally overslept and missed almost half day of Sunday! ahahahaha bad princess!!!!

What I am planning to do for my leftover Sunday?
Currently almost 3pm.
Thought of going out buying some fish but need to forget about my plan due to hot whether.
Yeah! me with that avoid sun program.
Maybe will need to decide on other meal apart from just that bean soup. Bored ledi le!
See if I can calculate on pro and cons on ordering pizza today. ehehehehe... everything come with price and cost.
Oh ya later TV2 will air this While you were Sleeping - Sandra Bullock. mmmm got to watch this movie. I have heard about it but never watch before. Can't wait!

I need to go outside to my car pick up stuff in my car but have to make sure nobody sees my face. ahahaha me and paranoid case again....

Tomorrow another working day! Hope to do handover this Thursday.
I need to let go from now on and move on!

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