Thursday, May 20, 2010

3rd Day here

3rd day.... ahahaha finally manage to find my way back home.
Many things to be done in this place.
At least I am now getting started and hope can finalise some issues by this Saturday.
Whatever.... it is still early to judge thing over here.
I just need to play some drama here and there.

Last night, my 1st gym session.
I don't even know to use the gym equipment.
So, asked one of the trainer there to help me with the machine.
I was a lil bit angry when I overheard him called one of his Personal Instructor and say, ' Bro! help this Filipino girl! she need a trainer'.
Filipino your head! I am Malay le Malay le...

Then when get to know this Trainer he was talking to me as if I am a foreigner here.
After using one steps machine for 15 minutes, I hear echoes from his voice and everything started blurring. I grabbed his arm and said I am fainting! I am fainting!
He panicked!!!
He quickly lead me to the floor mat and asked me to lie down with both leg up on the gym ball.
Then we started a conversation again while I closed my eyes and rest.
He thought I am Filipino all the way. Sakit Hati ku!
I asked him what make he think I am Filipino?
He said his Boss told him (the guy who called him to attend to me)
He also mentioned plus my weird looks and my weird English accent.
I speak in Malay mix with English but its come out weird accent too and end up....
After conversation with him he still think I am not Malaysian instead I am Thais!
At least he said one of your parent is Thai! uwaaaaaa...
Naze Sono yo na (in Japanese means Why llike that?)
Whatever!!!! I just want to work out happily to avoid jam back home... lalalalala

Anyway, I had done few cardio work outs!
I hope to loose at least 5 kg within these 3 months and get back to my ideal weight.
Rina! Gambatei!!!! jia yor jia yor...

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