Friday, May 21, 2010

End of 1st week

I manage to find my way back again!!! congrats to me!!!
Ah! happy nyeeee...
Last night ,I went to gym, walk and walk manage to walk 2.2km for 30 minutes and burn 125 cals.
Hey! not easy to burn 100 cals. Next time don't want to simply eat food.
I need to eat better food so I can burn it fast.
Then I move on to cardio work out for 10 minutes.

Today, I can see progress.
Manage to walk for 2.65km for 30 minutes and burn 137 cals.
Then as usual move to cadio manage to do for 15 minutes then off to sauna for 30 minutes.
Wah!!! I can loose 5 kg like this. Hopefully!
Currently at 54.4kg.
The intructor said I am not fat but full of body fat. uwaaaaa!!!! I confuse what do you mean??
Anyway, he said my ideal weight is 47kg.
This mean I need to loose at least another 7 kg???
Ngor Sei lor!!!! sure need to watch what I eat. Aiyoh! what to do getting ageing is the worst because more difficult to loose weight.

These few days spending my time working on my presentation to my Boss on this Sunday.
He is flying back to Melbourne on Monday.
I feel like still doing my MBA assignment which I really enjoy. ehehehehe... maybe sounds a bit crazy but I doing proposal and do presentation material.
But to present it????
I guess shouldn't be any problem if one to one but standing up in front of many..... I rather die ehehehehe....
New place, really challenge me to be a good manager and also mentor to my people.
I love to manage thing ie. delegate down, analyse thing, advise and make decision.
My current position requires me to be a mentor to few people.
Ah! I love what I am doing right now.
I will give full hearted to this new challenge.

Tomorrow I need to go dentist again!!!
Unfinish business and hope can complete the treatment soon.
Then need to back home and quickly finish up my presentation material for Sunday!!!!

Rina!!!! Gambatei!!!!! Fighting!!!

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