Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ip Man and IP Man

Wet Sunday.... raining almost through out the day.
I was at Pavillion just now watched Iron Man 2.
I was there around 12.00 noon, thought it will be crowded with people but it was amazing since not many people at the Cinema. Well... when paid for the tickets then I understand why....
Ticket price comes with service tax (entertainment tax). RM12 + RM3 = RM15 per ticket. Not a good idea to bring girlfriend to cinema anymore. I guess all of us need to think of other alternative such as buy DVD and stay at home. Imagine 2 tickets = RM30 and 2 lunch can cost aroud RM25 here you go RM55 gone not to forget transportation cost and maybe some desserts to impress your love ones....Costly!!!!
OK back to Iron Man 2, well it was a very damn boring movie. Almost fall asleep but since paid so expensive need to stay awake to the end. However, it was a total let down since I was waiting for this movie ever since watched the 1st one.
Talking about Ip Man or IP Man. I read in fb many people is looking forward for this Ip Man. But at that time I pronounce it IP Man. I was quite sceptical when saw the poster it was a chinese movie and thought it was a Matrix in chinese version. Something got to do with Sci fi movie or something never come to my mind it was a Kung Fu movie.
One of my friends were telling me about this movie which is Bruce Lee sifu then only I am interested to watch.
I went to watch on Saturday at Cheras Leisure Mall. OMG!!!! love the movie so much. As usual since I was small I am a Kung Fu lover. I can watch Drunken Master and start practicing the steps on my own. ahahaha think about it I feel stupid!!!!
Tomorrow is my last day at work!
Nervous nervous nervous to enter new world soon.
New me new character new image...I will bring myself up to another level.
Currently, enjoying my hot honey nutmeg tea... so refreshing!

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