Monday, May 10, 2010

So Long and Farewell

Today is my last day at my three and half years workplace.
I feel a bit sad when driving out of the office.
I reached home and read a long email from my just x boss , of course I feel upset.
I can feel how he feel today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow for not having each other around. For him to use to me reminded him in many things and for me to drive all the way to work and get use with all my tasks.... aiyoh! I am so devastated right now!!!!
No doubt we bitch about each other all the time. Yeah! that was me ahahaha..
Although, both of us always have disagreement in many things but yet the feeling towards each other is unexplained. Both actually feel heartbreaking to be departed.

Well, life must go on!
He always encourage us to move forward and be a successful people.
It is his advise that I listened , to leave and find other alternative if you think current one is not good enough or have limited chance for you.

I just hope he could develop his own team and bring the company to the next level as what he always wanted. However , I also hope he could learn from his mistake and try not to hurt too many people along the way up!

This is a big decision in my life as I always thought I can grow with the company and wish this could be my fixed destination until I retire. But this end up to be another stop and now I am moving on to the next station.
I am now looking forward to my new path and will face whatever comes with my brave face on!
Gambatei!!!! jia yor jia yor Rina God! please give me strength to survive in your world and please dont make me forget to prepare for another life too.

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