Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Milk Day

I was walking to my Gym and overheard a girl asking her man " Brad! do I look fat?" and I heard the guy answer the girl , "No Dear!!! you are not fat!"
I walked slowly and let them pass me.
Huwaahahahahuwahahaha.... I almost burst!!!! manage to control my laughter...
If I am the girl I don't want to ask that guy. Although he is my boyfriend or whoever he is.
That guy is damn fat!!! very overweight and the girl is obviously chubby and plum...
Silly Girl you got to ask the right person for your important question.
I know I know I am very very bad to say this but hey.... please ask the right person for honest answer.
Sunday!!! I read on the newspaper about the World Milk Day @ Pavillion.
They are giving away free milk.
Well I am so ambitious to be part of the crowd.
Reached there arggghhhhh totally let down.
Nothing much to expect just an event organised by Dutch Lady!!!
Well, I end up went straight ahead down to check on my Honeymoon Dessert Bar.
Its a long weekend, as usual I feel I wasted it.
Ok next weekend I will plan properly.

Honeymoon Dessert Bar @ Pavillion
I have been waiting but after trying I am very disappointed.
Maybe I went there with very high expectation

Deco at Honeymoon Dessert Bar

Red Bean, Black Rice & vanilla ice cream cost me RM9.
Taste sucks!!!

Durian Pancake cost me RM8
not bad!!!!

Durian taste quite fresh

My Hakka Cuisine Lunch
Yam Fried Rice

Korean non spicy ramen

Long time never camwhore

Yeah!!! me again

and me again wahahahaha...

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