Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meaningful Recruitment

Its still not finalise.... aish!!!!
Last candidate I met is on Wednesday.
Last question from my last candidate is......

Candidate A : " Miss! are you married???"

In my heart, ishhhhh.... is this relevant??? Hell !!! nooooo!!!!
I still need control my professionalism.... cool down Rina.. cool down..

Me : " Dear!!!! what I mean , do you have any question... question relevant to company??? question on postion you applying??? "
Still with my smiling face although I feel like slapping her face.

Candidate A : "ehehehe... sorry ar!!!! but are you married??? eeeerrr sorryy ar!!!! "

In my heart, Big OMG!!!!! do you have brother to introduce is it????
Still with smiling face and control my professionalism....maintain maintain... I keep telling myself.

Me: "I believe you don't have any relevant question anymore. Lets end our interview today. I will give you a call once you finalise everything in another week or two. Thank you for coming!!!"

I took her application form and get ready to get up from my seat.

With puzzle face..
Candidate A : "Miss! you don't answer my question yet???"

Thats it!!!!! I will make this as interview to be remembered!!!!

I leaned down to my seat with relax and ease position and with my both hand firm on my lap and start my lecture...

Me : "It seems your question about my marriage is very important to you. I am still single. Hope you can go back and sleep tight after this since I had answered your question. For you information this is a sensitive question and irrelevant to this interview.
Let me ask you question....."

Me : " How many job interview have you gone through since you 4 months jobless???"

With puzzle face and nervous...
Candidate A : " 6 interviews."

Me : " Good!!! there are 6 oppotunities for you within these 4 months!! How many of them reply to you??? "

With suspense face...
Candidate A : " None..."

with mood of giving lecture tone... I continue..
Me : "Do you ever sit back at home and think again, I mean do flash back on any possibility ,you done anything wrong? Question? your preparation during your interview? your attitude during the interview? the way you talk? your answer to each question from the interviewer??? Do you practise in front of mirror if you have problem talking in front of stranger??? prepare with answer on possibility questions?"

I starred at her with , I guess my eyes rolling down at her....
Scarred leh!!!! mmmmm.... you ask for it dearie..... now you got it!!! you start it dear.... now listen to me......
She look small to me.... She kept quiet and head down...

I feel a bit guilty... maybe I scarred her or maybe she feel de motivated...
and with lower tone, I continue..
Me : " Dear!!! I am not scolding you... I would like to remind you... you are still young. You may not realise this because you are so green..if you want to be successful you need to believe in this...99% efforts and 1% luck!!! when you not able to get something do flashback what you have done wrong during the process of getting it!!! always try to improve your self...and there few mistakes I need to highlights to you :
1. You was dancing twist (she actually keep turning the chair to the left and right) in front of me on early interview until I asked you to stop.
2. We have a sound effect during the interview because you was busy click clacking your pen.
3. Your answer to my question is all over the place and the question is most basic one... eg. Tell me about yourself and you end up telling me about your previous company..
4. You forgot to include your mother in your family list until I ask about her
5. When I asked you in English you answer to me in Malay without even want to try

I know you are nervous.... I told you in early interview... I don't eat people... I don't scold people.. with this I seriously hope you could think through what I have highlights to you.
We don't judge people if you are not fluent in English but most important effort and not afraid. All of us still learning. I did not mean you are so bad there are few things good about you maybe timing too short for me to indentify your goodness but believe me all of us have our own strengths and if you have more weaknesses than strengths is better because at least you know your weakness and try to improve it..."

She just kept quiete and seems like she is doing some thinking and then look at me with bright and glowing face.......

Candidate A : "Miss! I want to be like you!!!! Just now you asked me question... what is my ambition??? I said I don't know... now I have an ambition... I want to be like you!!! Miss! please hire me!!! please please please.....????"

In my heart, crying ...Nande!!! NANDE!!! NANDEEEEEEE!! with my both hand grabbing my hair up!!!! if you watch scene in Hana Yori Dango, when Makino at this elite school and everybody was wearing top to toe sky high pricey branded items... this is how I feel... but of course different situation... like this also can... I should congratulate myself because I just created one fan or follower on my own... and then my imigination went as far as IP Man scene where few potetial students knee down... and sifu sifu sifu....aiyo!!!! almost drop from my seat when heard this from her mouth.

But I still maintain... ehehehe Drama Queen can do anything in any a PRO...

Me : " Dear!!! you hardly know me. We just have one hour conversation and I am you idol, now??? You go back and think back on what you have done and don't give up to improve your weakness but of course fist identify your weakness one by one..... I asked you 3 strengths and you gave me 4 without hesitations but when I asked for only one mistake and you said you have none?? I have other candidate waiting for me to be interviewed (I lied , ehehehehe). I want you to go back and think again.... I will call you if you are shortlisted. Thank you for coming !!! "

I wrapped up the interview... and when I walked her to the door she shake with me....

Candidate A : " Thank you !!! Thank you!!! this is the first interview and very meaningful... I will go back and think back what I have done before "

With smiling face..
Me : Thank you to you too.... Good Luck!!!"

She even say bye bye after I closed the glass door.... poor girl .... look so lost... hope she meant what she promised to me...and I hope I could change somebody's life too and of course positive change that I hope for... myself .... I almost gone PHD (Permanent Head Damage) due to all these innocent nonsense and no sense questions that I have been receiving since day one started this recruitment drive..... BIG OMG !!!!!(Usher's new song style)

Tomorrow Boss back in town.... and then he is flying back the next day... ah... late night tomorrow...

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