Friday, June 18, 2010

Recruitment with RINA and THE DON'T (s)

I have been meeting candidates almost every single day.
I am getting sick of it!
I have been calling people for interview and I feel like throwing up!
I have been browsing through resumes after resumes and I get migraine by just a glance of it!
By now, I can feel how the recruiters feel....

When Rina is the recruiter......
1. ..... and when she got through the resumes ....
* She reject any resume without photograph
* She hate SO MUCH when candidate send photo with camwhore style or cute face or model style
* Job hopping or Grasshopper - REJECT
* Asking too much salary at least 50% more than current but yet stay just one yr at current one - REJECT

Then when she call candidates for interview ...
* they never pick up call after 5 rings - she label them as not responsible
* They answer call with "arrrrrr" or "aha" or " mmmmm" or "what " or "ha" - she feel they are lucky for not being in front or her or she need to commit a crime by slapping their face.
* They will tell her to email them the details and put down the phone just before she finish her message to them..... she feel ppl trying to order her do the work and she feel offended - REJECT
* They will want to come according to their timing not the timing she set prior - SHE FEEL TOTALLY HATE THIS TYPE OF PEOPLE.
* She will blacklisted candidate who never show up without call
* She will not entertain any last minute changes - last minute meaning 30 minutes before interview they call and said they are in meeting or sick - BULLSHIT!!! for me this mean your time management SUCKS!!!!

During interview.....
* She hate candidates who forgot to bring pen
* She hate it when people wear casual
* She feel offended when the candidates wear low cut until can see their boob. AH!!!! what are they trying to do ??? Showing off??? make her feel inferior because hers smaller than theirs.
* The candidates play with their ears wduring the interview - What trying to seduce??? not happening!!!!
* They asked me question what is her race???? SATU MALAYSIA LA!!!!
* Moving their chair while talking..... what do you think this is funfair????

and many more to list down...... too many character to face almost everyday!!!!!!

When we are looking for job or go for interview:
* be humble
* be prepared
* be polite
* ask intelligent question or at least a general one
* behave yourself
* do not over do
* don't over demand or thing will backfire

This is basic thing..... the rest is all depends on yourself and be the best of you to get yourself a good job!

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