Wednesday, June 30, 2010


" Ridiculous thing can bring you millions!!!!"
I am more convince after I read this morning The Sun newspaper as I was having my morning breakfast Yong Tau Foo.

I read this articles on Billing Woes by Nury Vittachi about this woman from Canada is suing this phone company for breaking up her marriage.The telco firm sent an itemized phone bill and her husband spotted unusual phone number then when he give a call to that number and turned out to be her secret lover. Her husband pack his bag and left. The woman is suing for C$600,000 (RM1.8 million).
Suing a phone company for an itemized billing and imagine if she win.... WOW!!!!

Then I read this article on a French internet billionaire who made his 1st million from offering sex chat service and then later shook up French with cheap connection packages from his provider free.

There are many classic case to give us inspiration.

We just need to think ridiculous, act ridiculous , be ridiculous and maybe talk ridiculous????

Most of our Boss being ridiculous all the time....
Are they richer than us???
They make more money than us???
Well , here goes... one living truth example right in front of us..

Today is 30th June 2010 - half year gone.
My achievement for the the half year is get out from my previous company and land myself in another ridiculous company.
Therefore, today, 30th June 2010, I am going to act ridiculous, be ridiculous , think ridiculous , talk ridiculous and do ridiculous thing to get rich.

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