Monday, August 9, 2010

Jin Ho Land

My BOF fever is over!
Go Jun Pyo love ended...
I found a new love..
Here goes Jin Ho love on the way....
Lee Min Ho acting as Jin Ho in Personal Taste is killer!
Killing my heart though...
How I wish I am Park Gae In in that drama...
How I wish I have gay pretty friend by my side and then he turn into a gentleman... wow!!!
Call me freak call me lunatic but being in love to a character in the movie is my hobbies.
hhahahahahahaha ( with my crazy laugh )
Got carried away a lil bit... back to reality..
Recruitment day just now is a flop!
Many never turn up!
I have 2 candidates turn up.
One too shy to even talk and the other said got no ambition at all and also hate to take people instruction. mmmmmm.... don't know what to say...
Guess!!!! all these people don't need a job.
mmmm ... I will change to my plan B then.
Talk to my Boss in Yangon, he sounded sick!
Ah! continue sick and don't come back please!!! yeah! me with my evil mind again...
My worst enemy whom just came back from Yangon never turn up to work today.
Good! don't turn up to work tomorrow and hope you sick more... huahahahaha (wicked and evil laugh again)
Yeah! currently my heart turn black and thinking about swearing people and make evil thing to others. Not so good mood!
Don't even want to think about tomorrow....
Only Jin Ho can turn me back into a Snow White with pure white heart!
Jin Ho ...saranghae!!!!!

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