Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Malaysian Drivers 2

Here goes my defination on Malaysian Drivers attitude based on my every day on the road observation..

The Oportuinist
They will in and out of the line just to get to their destination. As long as we leave some gap to our queue... here they are... trying force in with their poker face with full of selfishness. Very irritating isn't it??

The Fickle minded
They will be at the left and then at the right and then at the left and at the right and on and on and on... they just cannot make up their mind!!!!! so headache!

The emotional
Beware of this person. We don't know what they are thinking. We don't know whether they just got fired or bf or gf dumped them or their wife just ran away with other man or hubby screwed her bestfriend. You never know....So if you overtake them just because they are too slow or you just wanna to overtake them... they will overtake you back and break right away and make you horn them. Well honking them will not solve the problem. They will get more emotional some may get violence and try to find trouble. Depends on their mood....
If possible change lane and if can use other road better.Just stay away if you wanna be out of trouble!

The Hot temper
Almost similar with the emotional one. Only that this type will really harm you.

I will write more on other type next time...

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