Sunday, August 29, 2010

Miss Ismail

I received a call yesterday afternoon for job interview in Kepong.
However, since I am one psycho emotional lady and he started the conversation with Miss Ismail instead of acknowledging my given name, I feel a bit offended.
Thats my dad's name for goodness sake!
Think first before make any calls.
He sounded like Malaysian Chinese , can't he tell from the name and have a bit of education to address people name properly rather than just call me right away without thinking?

Hahaha.. actually thats not the real reason I am deciding to pass the interview, the main reason after investigate and ask around about the company, I find it is wise for me to pass.
Not worth it to give my best shot and I sense another crappy job!
Yeah! maybe i am being sceptical but yet my heart is telling me not try.
I am believing my heart more than anything now.
I believe more will come soon.
I just need to select wisely so I won't get trap anymore.

Although, I am jobless my online store still can sustain me for my daily expenses anyway. Not much and uncertain but enough for me to live for.

Worst come to worst I still can started my own flea market just to survive. I have done this before anyway. What it takes is efforts to survive!

Yesterday evening end up at Sg Wang and Pavillion. Pain to my head seeing so many people and feel giong back right away. But hey ! my parking at Starhill had increased to RM7 from Rm5. I need to make it worth it! Normal la I am particular about parking fees.

I am looking for parkson since I have RM100 parkson voucher.
Thought of buying myself a swimsuit for my coming trip.
I really wanna R&R in style there.
Then just remember I have one descent one at home then end up buying one comfortable casual shoes instead for the trip.
I guess my medium size red backpack will be enough for 5 days 4 nights stay there.
Can't wait , I may settle for one day ground tour then will explore the place on my own. Thought of renting a small scooter. I am not sure whether I still remember how to ride this machine and worst come to worst a mountain bike will do for my transport.
Off course I need to bring myself a compass and small dictonary on local language.
I also thought of enjoying local food.
Can't wait for my small little adventure soon!!!!!
I want this to be my most precious adventure ever.
Training hard to get myself fit for this journey!!!!!

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