Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Fruitty Weekend

Last Friday was not so happening.
Problem after problem at my work place.
I feel tired to crack my head and try to maintain calm and try my best to solve it one by one.
While I was driving home, my headhunter who introduce me to this new workplace, called me.
mmmmm... well she were asking me about how am I doing in this company.
My feedback was easy, don't do business with this company again if you want to maintain good rapport and not to spoil talented people future. Basically in harsh statement I would said " This is craps and hopeless company".She asked me to stay at least 6 months. I will not comment on that and this is my future you are talking about dear. Don't make me scream at you. So stop it!!! i am trying to be nice here....

I was rolling on my bed at 8.15am , and received a call asking me to bring her for baby clothes shopping. So Saturday end up, spend time at Jusco selecting baby clothes. Really get crazy to see all these cute baby clothes. Since she is expecting baby girl, well end up buying many pink including the hat and many more. I believe she will end up a princess.

Sunday, since this is last weekend to eat in public before 7.00pm, I really wanted to to eat as much as I can.
Brunch at Ampang , Yong Tau Foo, then eat Lamb Fried Rice , Cendol and ABC Special. Yummy!!! Then walk at Wangsa Maju Walk. Almost afternoon drive all the way to Bangsar for Pasar Malam. I end up having dinner at Devi's corner, mmm my favourite Nasi Lemak with Mutton. Bought grapes, sweet potato,oranges and sweet pears.

While I am writing this entry, I am also waiting for my sweet potatoes to boil and do the laundry.
Later may process 3 orders just came in.
My other store still not ready to be launched yet!
Next week , thought of not going out and wanna spend time with my other store, Hope can launch by next week.

Tomorrow... another recruitment day!!!!!. Hate it and at same time my worst enemy coming back from Yangon. So I need to stay calm and strong!!! Corporate game never been easy to handle without strong EQ.

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