Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pretty Girl - Game Plan

I am too exhausted this week after too many attacks from my enemies. The attacked came from all over the place until my mind feel numb.
As usual I remain silence and keeping myself mum.
This company , I can say in very critical situation unless :
1. Terminate that agressive fella
2. Terminate that politician fella
3. The owner to step out from the cocoon.
Today I made very drastic decision and also against my norm principal.
I insist on beauty with brain or the ugly with brain but yet here I am breaking my own rules and just hired a girl just because she is pretty.
This is my strategy against my 2 enemies.
Since the owner refuse and strongly disagree to sign on my termination letter, I need to use this tactic in order to survive.
In battle sometimes we need to distract our enemies and here I am using this tactic to distract them in order for me to survive until end of my contract.
Hope this will work until I strategize again for my next plan....

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