Sunday, September 26, 2010

Krabi 2nd Day - Jungle trail Emerald pool

What so emerald about this pool ? after a long journey? took almost one hour to reach this place.

Where is the pool?

Where is the pool???

Yeah! its so emerald clear water pool.... everybody enjoy dipping in the pool but me just sit beside this natural pool and enjoy the drama

Very slippery edge... but I enjoy sitting and watch this drama

Kid : Dad ! How am I suppose to get into the pool? Its so deep!!!!

Dad : Common baby! just get in... mummy and daddy will hold you..

Dad : Common baby! don't be scare.. I am right here for you..
Kid : No no no its too deep no no no no

Daddy : Look... see daddy here with you ... come and join mummy and daddy.. baby common... get in
Kid : No no no no no too deep too deep

Daddy : Dont you trust daddy? Look at mummy..... swimming happily in there... come lets go to mummy.. i will hold you..
Kid : I am scare i am scare...
Dad : OK ! here is the deal if you get in .. I will put 200 bucks into your piggy bank

kid : Deal!!!! (jump in happily into the emerald pool)
And they swim happily in one family in the Krabi Emerald pool - The end-

I don't jump into the pool because its too deep for non swimmer like me... hehehehehe

GI Joe!!! jia you jia you....

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