Sunday, September 12, 2010

Too much food

Ketupat rendang ketupat rendang and rendang again... more cookies cookies and curry mee and more rendang. OMG!!! I was spoiled with lots of food this Raya.3 days my itenaries is just eat and eat and eat again..... owwwwhh!!! I stuff myself like a stuff turkey during christmas! Tones of junk food and other raya goodies brought back home.
I was thinking to distribute it away but greedy side of me just want to keep it all to myself and stuff all in my stomach.... huwaahahahahahaha (wicked witch style of laughing)
OMG! I am very spoiled!!!

I lost 3kg during 30 days of fasting months....I believe it just water retention!
By looking at my junk food stocks, No big deal and I may end up increase to another 6kg within a week...kekekekeke
Yeah! still gigle like small kid over the overweight... actually .... I am very worried.....

2 more days to go... then I will be flying off for my R&R trip wakakakaka... I hope my travel this time will full of adventure and discover more things.

Owh!!!! can't wait can't wait (jumping up and down clapping my hands ..... ooooh if I have a tail i will wag my tail too hhihihihihihih)

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