Monday, November 8, 2010

Low Cal vs Hig Cal

I was busy interviewing candidates today until forgotten I miss my lunch.
My gastric hit me again!!!!!
By the time I realise, almost at tea time.
I have no appetite to eat anymore after reading thru my inbox.

My worst enemy is coming back on the 10th.
mmmmm my wicked thought keep coming into my mind.
Myanmar is now in the midst of crisis.... is appropriate if he appear to be one of the victim of that nasty army bullet...or
.... Boss asked him to extend his stay..or
... his mistress announce she is pregnant with triplet...or
... the plane engine he is boarding malfunction due to bird accidently fly in...
.... he just decided to be a monk and stay in tibet or...
.... he decided to apply for long leave and go for another honeymoon with his wife or
...he is down with chicken pox like our PM or
or or or STOPPPPPP!!!!!
Rina???? wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop your wicked thinking!!!!!

reverse reverse reverse another another step...

I was driving back home and start thinking what for dinner my dear Rina????
Shall I settle with Fried Chicken? or
Fries from Mc D? or
Road side burger? or
Maggie Mee??? or
Tandoori & Nan ??? or or or.... stop it!!!!
none of the above...

huhuhuhuh I end up with 2 pieces toasted wholemeal bread....

Yup!!!! thats my lunch my tea time and dinner for Monday!!!!!!

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