Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bloody messy

Today is my 1st day back to full time office work.
Urggghhhhh!!!! that is all come out from me, hahaha...
Yeah! I am so not in the mood.
For the sake of my year end trips I am doing this!
Not for other reason...only that motivate me to attend to his request for help.
My mind is getting more complicated and the mess in this place seriously cannot help anymore.
Minimise the mess that is all we can do.
As mentioned , need to keep calm and just do whatever I can.
This evening when I was driving back , I unintentionally blocking way to mosque entrance.
I can't help it . I was at turning and the car in front of me suddenly stop.
On the other side there was this black perodua alza trying to enter the mosque.
I believe he is going to this mosque to pray...
Since I am blocking his way, he honk me like I am committing the biggest sin.
Argh! I just look at him and out of sudden he showed me his middle finger.
I just look away.... and laugh and in my heart I was thinking something more funny....
hhehehehee... never come across my mind people go to mosque to do that. They are suppose to pray not doing that thing!!!!! owwwhhhh!!! what a mess in his mind!!!! go home get a room and your bed....where you going now is not the right place, man!!!!
Or.... you going there to pray for what ???? you need to divert to nightclub instead or lorong haji taib or federal deluxe spa instead... find the ayam not the tok imam!!!!
May God bless him....

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