Monday, January 3, 2011

White force where are you

I started my new year week with a healthy routine.
Good that i received few orders from UK and from one rare country call Cyprus.
Wonder where is this Cyprus and last week I received one from Kazakhstan. Wow! shocking.... never imagine to do business with these countries. Last year I got chance to deal with Brazil and Israel. Major bulk of business from either UK, US or Australia.
Small money but at least something , and it counts when you are jobless and hope my business prosper this year.
I am now getting use to get my body work out with my Zumba fitness dance routine and force myself to do 100 sit up. Hope can get my 49kg back in 2 months time. Its all depends on me.
Owwwhhh!!!! I need H2O....
Career, I have job interview tomorrow at 11.00am (this one with the dark lord).
Coming Wednesday I have another job interview with the white lord.
mmmm hahahaha sounds like Star Wars???
Yeah my life now like in Star Wars movie and I am a mid age Jedi Anarkin Sky Walkrina hehehehe.Yeah Yeah me in my crazy dream.
Right now I have a feeling the dark lord force is very strong around me.
I have to choose short gain or long gain. Which one?
Am I preparing myself into the dark world?
I dont know. I am now calling my personal advisor to come to my rescue.
Help!!!! I need somebody help!!!! (singing beatle song)
Yeah! still can sing at this critical time..hahahaha
Yeay!!! my personal advisor coming to go out for dinner and help me with my listing to analyse my positive and negative.
Help me to console all this, please!!!
Thank you! Kamsamnida!!!! Arigato!!!!

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