Monday, February 7, 2011

Bless CNY

I bet everybody is dragging ourself from our bed this morning to go to work.
Today's traffic is smooth like smoothies. I am expecting worst traffic tomorrow. Ah! need to wake up early tomorrow...

I does not anticipate anything for this year CNY.

It was a peaceful CNY, I can say... :)
I was driving north on 3rd Feb 2011. My journey started as early as 5.30am with hope not many cars traveling with me and the highway will be mineeeeeeeee!!!! (yeah crazy exclamation hehehe)
But to my shocked most people have the same thought like me. uhuhuhuh too many cars until I dont have place to park and go to the loo. I ended traveling almost 3 hours with my bloated bladder. oucchhhhh!!!!

When I reached back to my house on the 5th Feb 2011 , one of my beloved friend send me a lot of goodies. owwwhhh!!!! pack of sweet cherries (my favorite), mandarin orange, sweet strawberries, pistachios and big angpow. kamsahamnida!!!!!

This year 1st time I manage to get mandarin orange from the lion dance troupe. hehehehe bless new year of rabbit ahead of me.

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