Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy to be acknowledged

Simple statement from person we like can make us feel like we are on the air.
Moreover, if the statement is about future plan.
We feel more appreciated and will give us motivate to work harder to achieve it.
No matter in work or love life. We will get motivated with just a simple acknowledgment from the person we look up the most.

My weekend this week end up with day dreaming and floating somewhere on the air. It just a weekend without thinking and less computer. But of course I end up be a couch tomato staring at the idiot box for whole day. I miss this feeling and enjoy it every moment.
Regret right on Sunday night, because I feel I wasted my time with no valid reason.

I am wishing for miracle to happen now. Miracle since I decided from beginning of this year to live my life just as it is and not according to any plan. I am very tired to push myself harder this year after for non stop overworked myself for almost 15 years. I am sort of in a break time period. Seriously , I am nervous for the outcome.

I don't talk about my work anymore. Any challenge I just solve it and swallow it to myself if it hurts me. If I am feeling stress , I just keep it and dont feel like talking about it anymore. I just live my life day by day. I will let God to decide for me since he is the wise one!
Life is like a stage play. So, just imagine we are on stage and one voice whisper to your mind, work you work, cry you cry, laugh and you laugh..... whatever you say Mr Director! You the creator of my character and I live it to you.

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