Friday, February 25, 2011


Yehaaa!!!! its Friday!!!!!
I was half awake this morning due to Pretty Woman movie the night before.
Trying my best to keep myself awake while driving to work this morning.
How nice if the road is clear.... mmmm how I wish I can just speed my car through this horrible morning turtle journey... my mind full of how wish... and morning can of coffee does not cure my sleepiness at all.
I blast my radio outloud and start singing my heart out!
BoB feat Hayley William - Aeroplane played. Yes! I know this song I can sing along well... hehehe
I only know the chorus kekekeke I failed on the rap part. I was singing outloud to the chorus but when silence with shaking my head to the left to the right like a drunk woman. kekekeke... then casually peeping to the total view mirror to see how close the car behind me....
That dude behind was listening to the same music and he was rapping..... then when it come to the chorus I start singing again like mad woman and that dude behind me stop singing but shaking his head to the left to the right... ehehehehe we end up sort of do the duet in the morning heavy traffic. Interesting!!! and my eyes wide open and get excited again.
Thank you that dude behind. You cure my sleepiness.
Work like mad woman this week. But try to put work behind me when at home and get myself at ease. So far so good but my movie marathon and pilates theraphy does wonders to me.
Tomorrow I will get my new toy. My 1st toy this year arrive this morning. I am proud of myself to be this hi tech kekekekeke I will try to introduce to the world both my new babies tomorrow.
Sunday will bew out for working at around 2pm. Yeahhhh! I have to get use to it just to finance my dreams...... Cindyrina Fighting!!!!
Just reach home at almost 11:00pm just now from Ladies night out for a sinful dinner and wicked dessert. Here goes my pilates and yoga theraphy spoiler hihihihihihi...
In future dont work with Myanmar people. Damage to your life! They will be blacklisted from my life and I will definately change my long time mobile number after I leave this place. Not to forget my address too.... maybe go for plastic surgery in korea and get new identity and migrate to Alaska.... perharps?????? ok i need to stop my wicked drama again but focus on my weekend plan.... HWWWW (Happy Weekend Whole Wide World)

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