Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Money is not everything

Is money everything to live for and to die for?
Can money guarantee your happiness?
Can money make you powerful?
Can money make you a better person?

Case 1
Married to rich husband.
Live in big house like a castle. You can buy LV bag like buying fried banana near the road side.
Hubby end up physical and mental abusive.

Case 2
Live in big house. Money is flowing in and out non stop.Can eat lunch in Paris and have dinner in London anytime. Kids never come back home. Husband dont bother about you. End up alone even during Christmas.

This is only among cases I witnessed in my life. Many more to write but I better stop here.
We work hard for money. We suffer a lot for money. We complain never earn enough. When is it going to be enough? It will never been enough. Human are born with greeds. Earn more spend more. Earn less we still spend more.

Option 1
Earn more and spend more = over spending and forever working like mad dog

Option 2
Earn less and always unhappy

Option 3
Earn moderately live moderately and feel peaceful in life

The choice is in our hand.

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