Thursday, March 31, 2011

Menapouse Syndrom

Beautiful Thursday morning!!!!
Traffic was smooth like smoothies....

Last night still having difficulties mind refuse to sleep.. hope could do total mind rest this weekend!

Disgusting headlines today when they reported government lost billions with fake invoices and under declaration of tax. Sort of creative accounting??? Just like yesterday when I read 2 high rank custom officers caught red hand taking bribery and earning big bucks for ages throughout so called serving the government.
What is our government reason???
Ow! we can't trace them, the change address, they move around and bla bla bla ...
Do the manpower clean up for goodness sake!!!
Serve your country and be honest to spend tax payer money!
All of us work hard to bring up the economy but when the fruits comes along they just concern about their servant and neglected the real workers.

Anyway, don't want to spoil so much of my morning mood since today is beautiful hehehehe...

Another news caught my intention when Andy Lau and Malaysia wife skip Qing Ming due to papparazi....
mmmmm.... if my real husband is rock star, I may face the same situation.. let me see..
I can no more go to pavillion food republic for my seafood curry laksa...I can't go anywhere freely with him without being caught in cat & rat chase game... ah! so tiring.... but for my love I don't mind to go through the hassle.
He is my rock star. He write the songs and I write the lyrics. He will sing the song dedicated only for me. He loves me so much because I am a warmth hearted lady. He can't take his eyes off me and promise he won't look at other girl. And every moment he wish he could be by my side. I didn't love him because he is rock star and an idol. I love him because of his thinking. His cute side his charming side his bohemian free style his loving side and a bit of he being him a free mind like me. Aigoo... to my rock star husband.... saranghaeyo!!!!

But go back to reality... my rock star husband is just an imaginary one.
In real life .... uwwwaaaaaaaa I am still single and sweet at the age of 36 this year hahahaahahaha... totally need mental check up...kekekeke

I think I have that symptom ...headache, sleepless and low sex drive = menapouse
Very soon? I am still single kuaaaaa .... sob sob isk isk :(

Happy Thursday world!!!!!

I need to work now...Rockin time...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zombie Again

It is a wet morning...
I was in traffic since 6.15am and finally reached my office around 8.50am. Fantastic way to spend your Wednesday morning. I choose to sit and wait rather than go for morning walk. Unbelievable healthy!

I have problem in my sleeping again this morning. More of nightmares appear in my sleeping.
No more romantic link with rock star. But this time is horror...
My dream... I dont want to talk about it since the last time I wrote something it really happen to me.
Since this one involve life and death matter. I think it is wise for me just keep it my mind and let it haunt me every night :)

Recruitment drive will start again...
I will experience meeting many type of interesting human.... the beauty and the beast side of human.

I am getting loosing my patience due to certain thing not being done properly.
Human... they just ignorance on things...something really need to sacrifice more of my tolerance.

Newspaper this morning saying giving out gifts during election is not a bribery...
Well... indirectly it is bribery no matter how you are trying to legalise it in your own term.
Get real with your statement and face the fact my dear statement giver!
You make me wanna throw up blood...

It sounded like ... prostitution is a descent way to earn money for the unemployed. Ah! that is how I interpret from that simple headlines in newspaper.

Bless Wednesday for all....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zombie at work

Life is fact...
When I am happy I will start my entry with ... Oh! what a wonderful morning...
and when I am upset.... what the heck the car in front of me drive like turtle.

I was so nightmare last night and couldn't sleep at all.
Should I say this is a nightmare or a beautiful dream.
Why on earth I keep waking up and was all awake since 3am until time to go to work?

What is my dream all about?

Actually I kind of like the dream but the adventure in the dream make me wake up...:)

Here goes my dream....

I am cute and adorable 24 years old girl who fall in love with an Indie Underground band lead singer.
This guy is damn hot and cool...
Ah... cant continue the rest of my dream because moral of last night... I shouldn't watch love chic movie before my bed time.:)

The result? I am like a zombie at work. Brought my blanket and end up locking in my room sleeping until 8:30am. Ah! so not me to do this...but what can I do...there is a need for me to survive another 12 hours far away from my bed.:(

God! give me strength and hope I my Indie band lead singer sweetheart become real but the part that I am adorable & cute girl need some adjustment.... kekekekeke....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great Weekend

Love this weekend! Quiete and calm... Started my Saturday morning with a breakfast meeting with my old friends. Good catching up with each other life! My dear Jack kind enough to download my precious korean drama for entertainment. Thank you dear! After the meeting head to MPH for my book and then straight home. I cook my dinner but end up have to call a friend for dinner out. Ah! I am such a terrible cook when I tried for healthy food. But Sunday, I manage to start my day with healthy food and compensate back with sinful food for lunch. hehehehehe evil inside me.
Fighting for their right....very noisy at Citibank last Thrusday with these people shouting and singing for their right... did I just said people singing for their right???? mmmmmm

Saturday morning look at Coffee Bean BV with Jack & Julie
Jack's laptop downloading dramas

Jack with his new Hyun Bin's hairstyle

Julie Mama Rock!!!!!

Love you both Jack & Julie... forever friend....wish you both live well, eat well and good health always.....

Friday, March 25, 2011

I like it

I like today...
Very peaceful and calm.
Traffic was marvellous smooth.

Back home and do some website checking then have light dinner.
Currently, relaxing on my couch and watching The Myth by Jackie Chan.
Never watch this movie before but look entertaining.
I just want to enjoy every moment of today.
Suddenly , I can enjoy my time like this.
Is this good or bad?

All the while I know myself as somebody who could not sit still to enjoy time.
Sitting at Balcony facing the mango and coconut tree in bali last time is my first time enjoying my moment. And here it happen again...

Tomorrow off for breakie with my old friends of 7 years at Bangsar Village.
mmmm.... remind me of old time at Mont Kiara once upon a time.
My alternate Saturday duty to round up the Shoplex like 'Jaga' but end up spending time at coffee bean for endless refill coffee until 1.00pm
Bitter and sweet moment on my previous job.
But its all in memory.

Hope I could have peaceful Saturday too.
Oh God! Am I too greedy?
mmmmm... not too much to ask for this one? hihihihihih

Friday Morning

A peaceful morning.
Waking up.. Washing up... Dolling up... Driving up...and the traffic was perfect! :)
Look up to the sky when the sun starting to shine and the clear blue sky right on top of me.

A bit boring though when the traffic starting to slow down on half way up to KL.
Decided to be a little playful with my neighbouring pajero chinaman uncle on the other lane.
Since last night , I watched that Tiffany, SNSD wink and cute I decided to be a copycat kekekeke ....

I turn my side face to the left and give the uncle .....Wink! wink! wink three times with the most beautiful and cute smile..... I admitted I don't look adorable like Tiffany but at least I tried ...ahahahaahaha ... I know I look like a pervert or horny woman but it is fun though... when that uncle gave the weird look ... I started to burst out into laughter... wakakakakakakaka.... uncle watch out for the car in front!!!!

Reached office, pick up my morning newspaper and head down to breakfast.
mmmm today breakfast is toast ,baked beans and bull eyed egg...mmmmm yummy!!!!

Finish eating , I am in the lemma... longing for San Francisco black coffee for almost 2 weeks... but the stingy out of me ... hesitate to treat myself with one.
I feel too much for a coffee... I am talking about price.
It is hard earn money , so when I want to spend for something like that make me thinking a thousand time before going ahead. I still reluctant.
At the end I just settle with hot plain water from my office water dispenser.
I wont admit I am stingy but I am just hate to waste money with a cup of expensive coffee.
When I want to spend for something like that..
My mind keep reminding myself about my old days....about my difficult and torturing working life...and how difficult to earn this money which requires blood, sweat, tears and a sacrifice to my health and youthful....

I read the news about the earthquake hit Myanmar and Chiangmai...mmmm weird... I dont have any sad feeling at all. Not like when the disaster hit Japan recently. Most of our Colleague is overthere but hey.... maybe my heart hate them too much turn me into an Ice Queen.Whatever.... as long as you don't disturb my peaceful Friday seek for help elsewhere and please don't bother me..

Friday is still a long day to go..... cheers and pray for everything will be fine.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Witch Story

I was travelling to work this morning and the traffic was horrible.
Not to mentioned on the jumping queue drivers who really testing my morning patience.
Another type of driver who always trigger my anger is the one driving like 20km/h style or literally don't want to move. Tortoise case!
I was trying my best to control my terrible temper.
Keep thinking about tolerance then karma and many things while driving at that crawling morning.
If I have skills in animation, I would draw a cartoon on the whole situation. I will make the whole situation as nasty possible and make all this people to pay for their sin. Hehehehe I consider myself Saint in this situation kekekeke...
If I am A WITCH with great Magic
Scene 1:-
Then one car coming from the back and trying to cut the queue.
I will then just wink my left eyes and crush that car and toss it to the road side.
and the driver go....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrkkkkkkkk
Scene 2:-
I was trying to change lane from right to left but the motorcyclist does not give way to me.
hahahahaha (with nasty tone- bad witch style)
I will wink my left eyes and make motorbike behind my car stop and the rest of other motorcyclist hit each other like domino effect. Hahahaha again the same laugh . The road is clear for me.
Scene 3 :-
When the car in front of me , moving like a tortoise...
I will wink my both eyes and send the car with that bloody driver up to the moon and will never return to earth. Serve you right huh???
Oh! I am one nasty witch???
or not nasty enough?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Disaster in Japan is horrible.
This is natural disaster
Havoc in Libya and Egypt is a sad case because this is human made disaster.
Not to mentioned Pakistan with their own conflict.
While these 4 countries are facing their own problems, our country Malaysia are very busy with our own problems too. When our politicians are busy competing to produce their own porn movie. mmmmm what to say look like all of us just waiting to die when natural disaster comes.
Whatever! this is their job anyway.
Many type of human kind in this world. Nobody can control each individual action. I am dealing with this person daily. He is more in denial side. I can describe him as one person with split personalities. I am not talking about 2 but more than two personalities.
He can be the same time he can be manipulative...He can be hot blooded person...and same time funny...He can be funny....He can be kind...He can be a big liar...he can be nasty and at the same time...He can try to be the most honest person in the world but I am not buying it.
Everything is still about money and no more charity. This is the fact of life. No such thing as free lunch.
Conclusion from this kind of human kind... he is a doppelganger species. To be exact somebody that really need to seek specialist help badly or everything go hair wired and kill himself soon. Matter of time and he is just like a time bomb.
Yeah! I am very nasty to describe him this way. Well this is my honest opinion about him. I am dealing with him everyday. Everyday is different ball game. Interesting but in long run he exhaust my mind and may end up brain dead! kekekekeke :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot issues by 4 minutes

Hot issues song by 4 minutes may have their own hot dance and entertaining. My hot issues today make me hot more than red hot chilli pepper.
1st issue -Cleaning the dirt
When my cleaning job is still a cleaning job on people shit!
Yeah! when the dirt was swept away under carpet for ages. One day it will explode, bursting the shit out! We will have hell time to do the cleaning. In this case it has gone through many sweeper and now the new cleaner get the contract and her job is do the thorough cleaning. The main obstacle is the stubborn owner who never ever want to admit on his dirty house. He is still thinking the house is cleaning and the previous sweeper are doing good superstar job. Yeah right! ...the cleaner is having the hard time explaining the whole concept of creative sweeping is just a temporary solution to look clean.
2nd issue - Non performer need to go
I was doing a lot of thinking these few weeks. One side is compassion and the other side is just merely result. As a professional I still choose result over compassion. After numerous chances given, and no improvement from the is the breaking news. I feel totally bitches out of me! but result is the most important at this point of time.... I have to.Teary eyes in front of me does not melt me down. I have no regret , only a wish this could be other good news.What goes around comes around... I just hope god understand my intention just purely my work and duty for person who pays me.
3rd issue - Headhunter vs Recruitment Agency
We totally choose headhunter with hope they could fish out talent from competitor or indutries. Their fees is overcharged. They bragged too much but the result is totally crap and qualify to be in the dustbin.
They robbed you 25% out of candidate annual package offer. No guarantee on getting the candidate in.
Recruitment Agency - we will opt for this people because we dont have time to go through the 1st and 2nd selection process. they will charge you at least one month salary of the candidate and now they are starting to charge at least 130% of the monthly salary depending on position.
Both method? I will choose Recruitment Agency if I dont have time to go through the resume and do the calling one by one.
Both method get their candidate via recruitment advertisement.
But hey .... if you need to have a professional like me to go through the 1st and 2nd selection process. Just email me . I am not recruitment agency but a professional who provide administrative and business services. You could leave the tedious process with me and could be more focus to bigger thing.
4th issue - June is coming
June is approaching and I hope to finish all unfinished business soonest possible to leave in peace. My girls will be in place and everything back in track for this company.
Hope everything alright for me to move on to next level soon.... cindyrina fighting....


I was watching this series called 'Drop Dead Diva'. This series totally remind me about part of life I misses. Is about a lady used to be slim hot sexy and well but not so brainy. But now she is fat and way beyond size 4 and she is a smart lawyer.
How could I misses this? I am not used to be hot or sexy? I am not a Lawyer either. I misses my size 3 clothings huhuhuhuhuhu.....:(
When we are getting ageing , nutrition is totally not absorbing into your body and metabolism getting too low and whatever we ate convert into fat adding to below our skin thicker and thicker and goes your size getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it is hard to stop from being explode from your existing pants!
Result to this?
More shopping to do or may end up repeating the same clothings again and again and again.
I have no patient to exercise or even eat healthy food such as oat for breakfast and eat salad for my lunch and dinner. I have nobodyelse to blame but only myself.
Who I am right now and how I look right now or to be exact the same person I am seeing everyday on the mirror..... this is the result of my own wrong doing.
Forgive me God! I repent again..... please give me more patient to reduce my weight.

Monday, March 14, 2011

While I am enjoying

I feel devastated to witness such horrible disaster whille I am alive. I feel sad and hurt for the news.
All I ever heard it was history. This time it really happening.
Start from Tsunami wiped out Acheh and Sri Lanka and this time our great sun rising country Japan. Imagine the lost. The lost of family , your love ones and all beloging. The survivor need to move on and start all over again with strong heart and strong feet. The dead, we just pray with hope they could let go and go peacefully. This is all God will. He knows what he is doing.
I read in my favourite kpop news my beloved Kim Hyun Joong have a big heart. He immediately donated 10 million won to the victim in Japan. Saranghae.....Hyun Joong!
While I am enjoying food others are suffering for no food.... I feel a bit guilty in heart....
My mind does not wake up this morning... I drove to work half heartedly. Knowing the fact school holiday started. I feel I am schooling too and need a break too. But it is all in my sweetest dream. My work , my Boss will strongly object my wish. mmmmm.... my mind was very tired with my latest project. This may take at least 4 more months from now. I hope could see my hard work pay off soon...

Sinful chocolate lava from Secret Recipe

My attempt to cook my own kimchi sujebi.... what can I say this might look horrible but the taste was so refreshing yum yum for a simple single woman dinner :)-

Tea time last Saturday...sinful delicious!

Lets fight that crime....

my photo upside down posing with traditional CI NA MON Latte

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Still enjoying food

I can't blame anyone else but myself for enjoying food too much and neglected my weight...ehehe...
My schedule was so tight this week with my work schedule and my latest project. Hopefully everything work smoothly this time. Pray hard for this.
Here goes my sinful weekend treat.....

Ipoh Seafood Curry Laksa.... yummy!!!!

Penang Char Koay Teow Mee ... marvellous!

A smile that never change...

My latest Home Gym addition... mini step up to exercise my knee

A sinful scene..... a scene of death to be

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was telling myself for weeks to service my car tyre.
Today is the day to do so and I screwed up by waking up so late.
Last night was an interesting and crucial night for me.
I did brainstorming to myself on how to improve my online income.
I just need to make it work aggressively.

Oh ya! talking about my car tyre .... yeah! once I wake up late and the sun rose to my head I wouldn't want to get out from home anymore. Yeah! kind of Princess who could not take any heat to skin ehehehe....

End up on the online tutorial for 4 hours until my spine feel like freezing. Ah! I so need a Thai Massage after this.

I have a good feeling on my latest project this time. Suddenly my confident level shoot up over my head. :) I like this feeling....Who knows people from overseas may invite me to be their speaker.... and I will spend my time earning to talk to people and same time travelling around the world.... mmmm never know... its all depends on God Will... only God knows... I just work towards long as I am not lazy and resent... I will survive well here on earth. I am preparing the same for next life too...

But today's newspaper was the worst! The worst Tsunami in Japan killed claim many life.... Disaster everywhere...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am No 4

Saya nombor empat or I am No 4 in English.
If I said this outloud people may think I am the 4th wife to somebody, or people may have mispeception that I am the 4th top rank in the company and many more to think of....
The fact is I watched this movie on Saturday. This is typical Michael Bay movie. For those who still don't know who is Michael Bay, he is the one directed the famous Transformer movie.
Talking about i am No 4 movie - alien, hot chicks, super power, innocent high school student trap in between of aliens fights and war. Aish! as what I predicted came from Michael Bay. Same old formula just like hindi movie and korean movie. All as expected from the start with no surprise at all..... whatever... this movie could release your weekday work stress and a good entertainment.
Here goes my snapshot of as usual my weekend delicacies dig in...... marvellous...
All photos taken use my new Nokia X5- still learning to adjust ...yeah my photo still need lot of improvement....

Photos of spices at Mak Cik Briyani

Me camwhore @ Sony

Camwhore @ my room @ Citibank 20th floor

My Saturday dinner - pari sotong ...marvellous taste

Previous Saturday dinner - Japenese Ramyeon @ Ichiban

Eel Bento

This is my first attempt - Kimchi Pancake..mmmm yummy
All you need mix flour (I use wholemeal organic unbleached flour), kimchi (cut into small pieces),egg,salt (dont put too much because kimchi is readily salty), water...mix it and fried with little bit of oil....mmmmmmm your kimchi pancake ready

Tomyam @ Mak Cik Briyani

Prawn Briyani @ Mak Cik Briyani..... yeah.... as mentioned I stop eating slaughtered food and now only egg anything non slaughter

Prawn Briyani before open the lid

Pickle compliment with Prawn Briyani

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where are all the Money

Newspaper this morning reported government are relying on collections from recent traffic summon settlement. mmmm... comment too much will be subjected to either house arrest or ISA detention. Happy collections then! :) Keep my mouth shut and leave the world to think in silence....

I was driving to work this morning and my mind can't focus on my driving but instead keep thinking on what to eat for breakfast. I feel wanna eat nasi lemak but too sinful. But end up eating nasi lemak for my breakfast and now feeling very heavy and lousy.

My desk full of unfinished business and when open up email box end up with too many emails asking for nonsense and no sense that I can't answer anymore. Not that I don't know how to answer but I am out of ideas to tai chi kekekekeke.... end up keep silence.

My mind also thinking why is it only Mar? Why no Sep? Please tell me when Sep comes.....wake me up on Sep month. What am I doing before that? I am asleep... and will not wake up until Sep.

Here goes my bli bla bli bla on Wed morning, 2nd Mar 2011. Yeah! Yeah! obviously I dont have any idea what to write and end up talking rubbish.