Thursday, March 31, 2011

Menapouse Syndrom

Beautiful Thursday morning!!!!
Traffic was smooth like smoothies....

Last night still having difficulties mind refuse to sleep.. hope could do total mind rest this weekend!

Disgusting headlines today when they reported government lost billions with fake invoices and under declaration of tax. Sort of creative accounting??? Just like yesterday when I read 2 high rank custom officers caught red hand taking bribery and earning big bucks for ages throughout so called serving the government.
What is our government reason???
Ow! we can't trace them, the change address, they move around and bla bla bla ...
Do the manpower clean up for goodness sake!!!
Serve your country and be honest to spend tax payer money!
All of us work hard to bring up the economy but when the fruits comes along they just concern about their servant and neglected the real workers.

Anyway, don't want to spoil so much of my morning mood since today is beautiful hehehehe...

Another news caught my intention when Andy Lau and Malaysia wife skip Qing Ming due to papparazi....
mmmmm.... if my real husband is rock star, I may face the same situation.. let me see..
I can no more go to pavillion food republic for my seafood curry laksa...I can't go anywhere freely with him without being caught in cat & rat chase game... ah! so tiring.... but for my love I don't mind to go through the hassle.
He is my rock star. He write the songs and I write the lyrics. He will sing the song dedicated only for me. He loves me so much because I am a warmth hearted lady. He can't take his eyes off me and promise he won't look at other girl. And every moment he wish he could be by my side. I didn't love him because he is rock star and an idol. I love him because of his thinking. His cute side his charming side his bohemian free style his loving side and a bit of he being him a free mind like me. Aigoo... to my rock star husband.... saranghaeyo!!!!

But go back to reality... my rock star husband is just an imaginary one.
In real life .... uwwwaaaaaaaa I am still single and sweet at the age of 36 this year hahahaahahaha... totally need mental check up...kekekeke

I think I have that symptom ...headache, sleepless and low sex drive = menapouse
Very soon? I am still single kuaaaaa .... sob sob isk isk :(

Happy Thursday world!!!!!

I need to work now...Rockin time...

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